Huge mental dilemma, kinda long, ok more than kinda

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    So I went to my pro shop yesterday to buy a block 4x4 and I know the guys over there and saw that they had an 82nd airborne. I have been wanting one but after shooting it I have decided not to get one. It is a beautiful solid bow, it is WICKEDLY fast and incredibly comfortable in my hand it just has a very aggressive draw cylce and it was actually set 3 lbs lighter than my Bowtech Tribute and it was still quite aggressive. THHHHHHHHEN I saw the general and I got the opportunity to shoot it and I LOVE IT!!!! I love it so much I dont know what to do, whether I should sell my tribute and put all the $$$$ torwards the general or keep my tribute and just be happy. I LOVE the new sideplates that bowtech is using as opposed to the 2006 bowtech lines grips. They are so comfortable and it felt like night and day compared to my torqueless. Can sideplates be used on a 2006 bowtech tribute, it has a hole in the riser like the 2007+ lines grip areas. The general grouped 4 arrows incredible and maybe it is because I was only shooting at 10yds but it felt so comfortable. I am wondering if it would be bad to lower my tributes poundage from 63lbs to something lower, I was just always told that limbs operate more efficiently at the higher end of their pound spectrum, and if I decided to get 50-60lb limbs it wouldnt match the new semi custom camo that I had my bow dipped in. I honestly dont know what to do. Could I have better accuracy if I lower my bows poundage? I cant really go any lower than 60 with my current limbs and im not sure how much KE + speed I will lose if I do that. I believe the general was set at 57lbs and I was able to hold the bow and pins steady with little effort and maybe thats why the arrows grouped so well because I could hold steadier. Bow companies should start making mid poundage limbs for these types of issues like I have. I am stronger than 60 but not as strong as 70 but 57 felt great, companies should offer 45-55, 55-65, for people in the mid strength area like me. Also if I get the general I like when my accessories match, then thats even more $$$ to get my accessories dipped in the color of my choice unless I choose an all black bow, which i dont know if that will be good for hunting and my bow will stick out like a sore thumb. I am sorry for rambling but the general has been haunting my brain ALLLLLLLL DAY. I wish I could have both the general and my Tribute but there is no need for both and I dont have the $$ for both. ANY OPINIONS before I pull the hair I have left on my head out.
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    New year, new bow. That is my thinking.:peace:

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    Only you can decide if you should make the switch my friend....only you. :noidea:
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    get a side job to pay for the general.
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    BUYYYYY IT! :peace: :rockon:

    Seriously, it sounds like there is a significant difference for you and can afford it. If you felt there wasn't much of a difference my opinion would be different. There is a saying used on another site I frequent: "You don't pick the bow, it picks you." It sounds like this one just did. I recently shot a MOAB; I liked it, but it wasn't that much different than my Cougar to me - I didn't buy it. You might try turning your bow down the same draw weight and see what you think first - after that if you still feel the same; pull the trigger. Then again I've pulled the trigger on some T/C stuff recently so maybe I'm just in the mood! :biggrin1:
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    Dude you are definately asking the wrong people. We are all bitten by the archery bug just as much as you are, and know exactly what you are going through. But, if you gotta ask

    BUY IT!!!!!:peace: :peace:
  7. Only YOU,, can make yourself happy:decision:
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    Martin I think is the only company that sells mid range max bows.
    Do what feels right to you.:peace:
  9. I think you already know what the answer to your question is. Make sure to post pic's of your new bow.:peace:
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    Unless you got some deep pockets
    just flip a coin
    ya only gonna be here once
    do tha best you can and don't worry bout nobody else.:biggrin1: