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    So as today I had the day off....decided w/a month and a half (oct 14)left till bow season I thought I would get a jump on the season and hang some stands so that I dont run out of time later.....well I got up and washed in scent away, put on my scent clothes, and sprayed down my rubber boots w/scent killer.....went to one of my favorite hunting spots and found a great tree to put my stand in....well here I am hanging from my toes, trying to get the thing attatched and guess what, movement catches my eye and low and behold there are deer walking 20 yrds from the tree:doh: , so dont you know I must have looked pretty stupid, hanging there trying to not make any noise, waiting for them to leave.....finally left and I got my stand maybe this year will be the year....I always worry that no matter how good the spot is you wont see anything from the stand, well now I guess seeing is taking care of....:biggrin1:
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    I always see something from my stands, at 400 yrds:doh:
    But I'm usually pretty lucky, and you know...sometimes it's better to be lucky than good