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  1. bennysupreme

    bennysupreme New Member

    anyone ever used
  2. Chris

    Chris Administrator Staff Member

    After we get back from the ATA show, I hope to offer the same services.

  3. tmurphy

    tmurphy Guest

    yes i have used it to compare bows, it is really helpful IMO
  4. rod251

    rod251 Arrow flinger

    I bought a Bear Element from them a little over a year ago and was very pleased with their service. As far as a new archer getting set up over the internet goes, they are hard to beat. They have lots of good info on their website to get you started, plus good prices as well. Since I build my own arrows now, I recently bought some Gold Tip Entrada bare shafts from them for a good price.

    I will say this though: nothing beats having a good pro shop to properly fit you to your bow and help you keep your gear maintained.
  5. Scablands

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    I have bought a couple of packages from them in the past. The last one I had to redo some things but overall they provide a good service and a lot of good information on their site. I got my first Bowtech from them, just as a bare bow back in '04 because of their "boonies" program and set it up myself. The last two years I have been shooting Elite bows. It is a good service for people without any shops within 100 miles or so like me and they had really fair prices the last time I dealt with them. Overall I give them a :thumb: