Hunting t.v. show hits a home run!!

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    After all the threads on the various forums I visit about poor shot choices out on display, questions revolving around what viewers would really like to see, and even rants about reality t.v. making its way into the hunting shows... I watched a t.v. show that I felt absolutely nailed it a couple days ago!!

    I was able to catch Summit's "High Places" show Thursday; for some reason, I mistakenly thought it only appeared on the Men's Channel -- which I don't get. Perhaps it's because I came home a bit earlier than normal, but when I flipped on the Outdoor Channel, it was just coming on at 5:30 Central time.

    Everything that I've wished for in a hunting show was brought together -- good ol' common folk like most of us, chasing free-ranging, fair-chase animals that any of us would be likely to see. Yes, they killed some nice deer -- but you could tell it wasn't a game farm with a parade of P&Y deer waltzing by where the shooter simply "picked one out."

    More importantly, I almost stood up and applauded when I saw the "Analyze the Shot" segment following the hunt; this is what generates the most discussion revolving around hunting shows, and it's highlighted on Summit's new show. As I mentioned, today's airing was the first time I've ever been able to catch this show, but they impressed me greatly by discussing a shot that was slightly further back than the hunter intended. It wasn't a poor shot choice by any means; the deer was broadside at 18 yards. The shot was a touch back, though -- and produced a liver hit.

    The show uses a version of 3-D autocad software to rotate around a deer model and show the exact entrance and exit holes, as well as the angle of penetration -- and gives a quick anatomy lesson in the process as all the vitals are shown in relation to where the shot hit. Simple, yet ingenious. I've seen an abundance of newer hunters in our sport over the years looking for shot-placement tips on forums like this, and many of those admit they watch these shows looking for advice from the "pros". This feature is sure to be a great benefit to those, and is appreciated by more seasoned hunters like myself who just want the details!

    After the hunt aired, the next segment featured one of the Woller family speaking with the hunter and explaining to the viewers that the shot was back, where it hit, and the reasoning behind backing out and giving the animal time. It was a breath of fresh air after hearing about how so many poor shot choices are glossed over or even ignored. Again, in this segment, it was by no means a poor shot choice, but just a shot that hit a tad back.

    Another segment I loved about the show was a feature that was akin to Google Earth, as they zoomed in on the terrain of the hunt -- and explained tactically why they were hunting where they were. Again, I've seen so many responses screaming for hunting shows to do this over the years that I couldn't begin to count.

    I for one am going to start setting the recorder so I won't miss any more episodes. Here's a link for more information after I started digging around...
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    Sounds like a great show. I hope I can catch it on. Thanks for the link.

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    Hey thanks alot Greg. I'll keep my eyes open for High Places and check it out.
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    thanks for the tip Greg. I will check it out. Alot of the shows arent that good at all but this one ones like I need to check it out.