Hunting With The Pros ???

Discussion in 'Bowhunting forum' started by Scablands, Jul 12, 2007.

  1. Scablands

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    I'm setting here watching a show on MOR by this title and just watched a guy, [Pro?] lob an arrow at a mule deer totally covered in brush and facing him, from the look of the camera angle. Thankfully he didn't wound the buck. Just took his second shot at one running away, with the comment the brush is so thick "all I could see were his ears and horns" !!!:mad: I can't believe they aren't embarrassed to show this on film:noidea: Host Kevin Gross:censored:
  2. thehairlessone!

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    I watched that once. I know I wasnt that impressed.


  3. Gator eye

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    I haven't seen it but can picture it.

    I've almost stop watching all hunting show just because of crap like that. Only a few shows that I will watch. It drives me crazy that they go to a hunting ranch and try to past it of as "I walk into the woods and found this spot with my expert hunting skills and this item which you should buy" I have no problem with hunting behind a fence or hunting a ranch but call it what it is.

    And I also hate all the crap they try to sell you as they do there ranch or fenced hunt.
    What ever happen to the old hunting shows where a plane drops them in BFE Canada and they get out with a gun and a set of red wools and go hunt. They didn't try selling you anything but a adventure and a good time.
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    LOL funny you bring this up, was just watching a show today and saw a guy bow shoot a deer that i would have never even thought about trying to shoot. They did get it, but hard to tell how long it took to find, looked like a poor poor hit to me. I did get to kinda hunt with a (retired pro) a few years ago, in a public area, and all he did was cry, and complain about everything, not every bull is huge, saw 3 hunters today, blah blah blah.....But he sure would brage about how good of a hunter he was, and how he could outhunt 95% of the people around here, and he could shoot better and all this crap. Blah Blah. He did have a verry impressive photo book of animals he has taken with a bow over the last 30 years, But 99% of it was spocerd hunts on privet areas where he paid to hunt, and they took him out, it was a rude awaking for him to join the (average joe) hunter.
  5. poorman

    poorman And thats no lie !

    I am not sure that half of them could hunt on their own anymore. Most of them would probably need a guide of some sort to kill anything.
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    The Red wools you refer to were made by Woolrich, and were know hereabouts as a "Pennsylvania Tuxedo". Little old school trivia for ya.
  7. Daniel Boone

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    How about they just edit it (lie to us)

    Move the brush. Digital photography is very easy to change everthing with todays equipment. You never know what your seeing in todays videos.

    I do like honesty. Often your seeing the cameras view and not the archer. Very different angles.

    Now if someone here going to tell me there not crazy shots taken by hunters ever year. I know better.:peace: