I am looking for a good used hunting bow. Preferably a Bowtech Liberty.

Discussion in 'Bowtech Bows for Sale or Trade' started by Longisalndhunter, Feb 2, 2006.

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  1. I am new to archery. i am looking for a good used Hunting Bow. Preferably a Bowtech or Matthews. I have about $350 to spend. The following specs are what I am looking for.

    65# - 80# Draw weight
    30" Draw length
    300+ fps
    70% -80% let off
    7.5" or longer brace height

    I am looking for something that has most of the accessories such as sights, stabilizers etc...

    Thanks to all!
  2. southernhunter

    southernhunter Guest

    pse fast flite 33 decked out.

    will sell for 270 decked outwith assories, send me an email if interested.
    sout[email protected]

  3. droy31

    droy31 Guest

    I've got a bowtech mighty mite for sale it has every thing you need to go with. Sights, peep site, kisser button, 10 easton carbon excell 400 arrows(one of which needs to be reflechted), 4 arrow quiver, wax, a few extra practice tips, one never been shot expandable broadhead, release, limbsavers, wrist loop, and all of this comes in a hard shell carrying case. It is completely set up and ready to go. I'm asking 400.00, which is a little more than you were wanting to spend but I belive you'd be more than satisfied with this bow. It is currently set up at 65# and 29 inch draw length, which are both ajustable with very litte expence, and very little time. I have pics if you are interested.
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    These posts are from 2006
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    LOL....yea....I think he got one by now!:D
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