I Peed My Pants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. I was headed to my stand this morning and everthing was good.Saw some new tracks on the bank of the creek,i was thinking "o.k. good sign,maybe the deer will come back and i'll fill my tag?".Its about 300 yards from my back door to my stand location.i was about 50 yards from my stand,wind in my face,everthing is going my way.started to climb over a big fallen oak tree,when i herd a load crash in the direction of my stand,i crouched down between two big branch's and waited to see what was coming my way?now i was thinking it was a deer running my way and when it got close i would whistle to make it stop and take my shot,well it did not work out that way.now i want you all to understand that i have NEVER EVER in my life saw a bear,ya i said bear except in the zoo.This thing was BIIIGGG!!! I mean grande' BBIIGG and it look mad:mad2: !!! there was a small sapling in it's way and he swiped at it and the whole dam thing come out from its root's:faint2: .Thats when I PEED MY PANTS!!!!!!!!!:pray: i wanted to run but i was frozen and all i could think of was that guy that got ate by a grizzly bear,you know the guy i'm referin to.he was about 20 25 yards away from me and he stanck,oh god he smelled rottin.i thought they where hibernating this time of year,it must be this weather or somthing i dont know but i wont be going back in them there wood's soon. just thought i would tell ya'll.i am not ashamed of wizzin in my britchs,i'm still alive thank god.:hail:

    BUNNYMAN I pray for you!

    I feel your pain.....

    the first time I had an encounter w/ a bear my responce was the about the same....I was turkey hunting.....sitting against a tree and saw black comming at me.....thought thats a really big turkey???? you know when you mind places tricks on you.....well the thing goes past me at about 15 yrds and all I could do was sit there and shake.....felt like a big baby.....as soon as I knew it was gone I high tailed itout of there.....

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    Not to laugh, buit thats's funny...I know what you mean though. I've seen bear but not at 20 yrds.
    Besides he's more scared of you than you are of him...right??? :laugh:
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    Maybe you woke him up. Wouldn't you be mad if someone got you up in the middle of your winter nap? Maybe he was looking to get even or maybe a midnite snack.

  5. maybe i did:noidea: i still aint going in them woods for awhile:scared:
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    aren't they supposed to be sleeping? I'd be pissed if someone woke me up too
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    I have had em look right up in the tree after they came to the base of the tree. It is not a good feeling but I kept going back to those woods and seeing em agian. Who's afraid of the big bad wolf.:scared:
    Now Mr Bowman that's a real mans attitude. :loco: HS :smokin:
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    lol good story!!! 2 things i hate most are griz bears and rattlers, I get to deal with both, ratrlers during bow season and griz during gun season, Either of them will give you a verry bad day...... I know if in your situation, i would also wizzed myself.... but i would have washed up and went to my stand...... Just one of the things you got to deal with in the woods!!!