I wish the weather..

Discussion in 'Bowhunting forum' started by IChim2, Oct 16, 2007.

  1. IChim2

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    would straighten up.Went out this morning(was planning on staying all day) and it was great till the fog cleared out than i started sweating:frusty: and the nats and skeeters started in...Guess i need to start wearing camo shorts and a camo tank top.Our spring turkey season was all :censored: uped and now it's it's bow season.Normally have a doe by now and there's lots of deer where i hunt...just not sterring.Calling for rain the next few days with the high arround 80.Doesn't nature know it deer season.:noidea:
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    i quit!

    Ya i know what you mean,i went out this evening and the skeeters were eating me up and no sign of deer or turkeys,i think iam going to call it quits until it gets colder,or until i see them whitetails runnin through the pasture then i know its time.....i used to gun hunt and iam not used to this early huntin stuff yet.......:peace:

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    it's supposed to be 92 here tomorrow. :noidea: