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    I have read a lot about the specs of certain bows, but I was wondering how you figure the IBO for specific draw lengths etc. I bought a used (2005) Hoyt Ultramag recently. It has 28 inch draw and is set at 60#. My arrows are Gold Tip hunter 5575 with 100 gr tips. Can anyone tell me what the speed will be for this setup, or do I have to take it somewhere to check it. Not that it matters much, but I am curious. Also, can any of you Hoyt owners give me some feedback on this bow? This is my first relatively expensive bow (bought it for $250 bare), but it lists for $400 new. Some of the Hoyts are pretty hefty in the price category, as well as some of the others (Matthews, Bowtech etc.), but what is the major difference between this bow and some of the other expensive ones? As far as I can tell, the only difference is the ATA, and the riser material (magnesium or aluminum) between the Hoyts. I don't know much about the other brands. I know, most of you don't like Hoyt bows (from what I have read in my other posts), but any comments?
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    radtuck this will probably get you close but you just can't beat a good chrono.

    You can use the following to work backwards off listed IBO specs, this will put you pretty darn close to chrono:

    IBO Specs - 30" draw/70lb draw weight and a 350gr arrow.

    For every inch of draw length you go down you will lose 10 FPS

    For every 5# draw weight you go down you will lose 10 FPS

    For every 3 grains of weight your arrow is over IBO ( 5 grains per pound) you will lose 1 FPS

    For every 3 grains of weight you add to your string you will lose 1 FPS.

    Hope this helps you out.

    Not sure about the price on that particular hoyt but I would think anything over $250 is too much for any Hoyt on the market.:laugh: J/K I think you got a great deal there radtuck.:peace:

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    If i remember correctly the main difference between hoyts "top of the line" and their "worth the price" bows is the riser.

    I think what the risers are made out of. I think the Ultramag has a machined aluminum riser? or is it magnesium riser?

    I can't remember ,to many hoyts that look the exact same to remember. :)
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    I had a 2004 Hoyt Ultramag for hunting. Great Bows! The nice thing about the UltraMag is that you get the better XT2000 limbs. The UltraSport is the same bow but it had the fiberglass limbs and different color limb pockets and cams. They are a great bow for the money. When I bought mine the Xtec had just come out and they had the Triax limb pockets and the XT3000 limbs(which are a little longer) and a machined aluminum riser. The UltraMag has a cast magnesium riser. I shot it for hunting up until I sold my SuperTec and got a new Trykon XL for 3D and loved it. So I sold my UltraMag and set up my Trykon for hunting. And now I am looking for another bow for 3D:doh: I swear it is a vicious cycle:biggrin1:

    BUNNYMAN I pray for you!

    Yeah he was kidding he ment $2.50..........:doh: