IL DNR sampling the deer herd again!

Discussion in 'Bowhunting forum' started by Chris, Feb 5, 2006.

  1. Chris

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    Well, the DNR will be back in the woods from now till March some time. They want to shoot about 700 deer or "As many as we can get". Yes that is what they said.

    If you look around the country, nearly every place they have started testing for CWD, they have found it. Is it not possible that it has always been there? Suddenly we have to wipe out the entire herd to stop the spread of the disease? Does that make sense? Not to me it doesn't.

    I hear that one of the latest CWD deer was taken about 1 mile from where I hunt. I can only imagine the slaughter that is going to take place right near my hunting spot.

    I guess I am going to have to take up goose hunting because deer hunting is going to be a waste of time for the next 3-5 years.
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    chris you make a very vallid point honestly i think it is just a way for the dnr to really take controll of the population growth that is such a problem around these states here especially up in notheren wis and min. I think i was complaining about the same thing in another post about cwd LOL. but i do agree with you on this just seems rediculous how now all of a sudden every state seems to have this illness or says they do. Our hunting season up here in certain areas in wis is from mid oct to the first week of jan and that screws up all the other hunting along that time period. and if you own farm land then you can apply for a land owner permit and extend it till march too much in my opinion.

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  3. glenny

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    Cwd DEER?...and from what.

    I know that they(DNR) will never...EVER do another CWD survey on my or my neighbors hunting property....
    They said they only took 5-7 deer for testing and then we got a letter that said they shot 15.
    and only less than 10 miles away from 2 different "infested"areas,including the number 1 most.
    I can reasure you that the property owner can refuse this testing,and after what I know now.I would recommend it as well.
    I would say that through all the harvesting done,that it would be wise to say that the co.parks is where they should be doing the sharpshooting.
    If they won't let me you or anyone else but the handicapped(if that) hunt there...Let them Shoot them...and test em' there.
    I eat deer all the time,sure.
    I don't hunt deer just for the meat,by all means spend more on archery a year to pay for 2 full angus cattle.
    I don't waste my time anymore thinking or wishing there are better alternatives to elminate or irradicate the deer population either.
    They(Co.board) voted 4 to 5 in the best interest of the public and what they may think is right fo hunting the CO.parks.
    To my recollection they haven't even considered building a park or refuge for any wildlife over the last 20 years compared to what they have destroyed or developed.Best interest for whom?
    As a matter of fact,the reason why cwd is derived in even there(DNR's) interepretation is from feeding the deer,and contact from other deers saliva.
    If there are a overpopulation in the parks we do have presently and thats where the cwd is mostly....well? you can rest assure the DNR will take care of it themselves.They surely FEED THEM WITH BAIT>>>to shoot them,right?*&^%$#!?
    People like me will soon understand what cwd does to mankind,they surely know what it does to the deer.
    Or do they?
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    I hunt in 1 of 2 conservation districts in Boone county IL. One of the conservation districts here has made testing of harvested deer mandatory threatening the banning of any noncompliant hunters access to the land in the future.

    Maybe they should come out with CWD home test kits and preaddressed stamped envelopes to send the results in.
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    sorry I read your post and all I heard was "shoot as many DNR agents as possible as they are spreading CWD" :noidea: