im new to bows

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  1. TBWdracula2003

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    my brother gave me his old clearwater bow that was his backup's backup bow hes got a couple high country compounds.

    its set up for about 70#'s i think its prety easy to pullback so i think its set about right, im looking for a rising arrow rest and an adjustable cross-hair sight for it.

    im pretty good for arrows he got me some carbon arrows with some 100G broad heads.

    i was wondering if the bow was a good bow or not i cant find any info on google about them :doh:
  2. Holy Smokes

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    Hi and welcome to the site :wave: it's good ta have ya here
    Clearwater archery merged with Storm Archery and it was Strom clearwater for a while and kindly bombed
    So it is just Strom
    tha bow is a good bow alittle slow for todays standards
    but for hunting if ya let em get close it should do tha trick enjoy.Sm:smokin:kes
    hey does your boe have rounded edges or sharp edges on the handle
    tha Power mag was a good bow
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  3. TBWdracula2003

    TBWdracula2003 New Member

    i think its the rounded but im not sure the serial is " A-11"
  4. pred8er

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    I don't know about your bow :sorry: but thought I'd say :welcome: anyway. Someone on here who's old (Smokes) will probably know much more about it than me. Remember, it's all in fun! :welcome: