increasing draw weight by twisting buss cables

Discussion in 'General Archery Forum' started by atapro, Oct 4, 2006.

  1. atapro

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    I'm having trouble getting 70# out of bow with new cables and a string. whats the rule of thumb on twisting the cables and bowstring for increasing draw weight?
  2. big scores

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    twisting the split yolk cable will increase bow draw weight. but beware, that will also make the bottom cam out of sync. and I don't think it will work on hybrid of twin cam systems.

  3. bfisher

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    You can increase the draw weight by twisting the cable, but understand that this also increases the draw length of the bow. If you want to maintain the same draw then you need to mark the side of the cam where it passes through the limb for a draw length reference. Then twist the cable and the string watching the marks on the cam. This will put more prestress on the limbs raising the weight while maintaining the present draw length.

    Not to pick, but if the bow is anywhere close then I wouldn't worry about it. There isn't anything walking north america that 60# won't take care of. 70# is just a number and if it's even 66# then no animal will know the difference. Make it easier on you to draw.