Indoor and 3D?

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    I have been a bow hunter for many years, everything from stick bows to compounds and currently continue to hunt and shoot a broad head league with my hunting bow. I am just starting to get interested in some spot shooting and maybe 3D. I now have a Merlin XS with Alpha cams @29" draw set at 58 Lbs. (hunting & broad head) 65% let off. I have purchased a Merlin XT with a longer ATA of 38" with Viper cams, 29 DL and 50-60 lb. draw wt. also 65% letoff. I guess I am planning to set this up for indoor shooting at 50 lbs draw wt. with stabilizer and sure loc sights. The XS I was planning to use for 3D and hunting, I am currently getting 253 fps. out of this bow w/ 7.2 gr. Ultralights and 251 fps. with Carbon Express 200. I know that a lot of guys have a bow for each type of shooting they are going to do, I would like to know if I like it that much before incurring all that expense. With the equipment I layed out above am I headed in the right direction to where I would feel comfortable at a shoot.
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    Welcome and I say yes!!!
    I shoot 3D with my hunting rig, mainly because I treat 3D like hunting practice. In the past I have used the same bow for everything, because I couldn't afford specialized setups. So until you are sure what you want to do, shoot what you have.


    BUNNYMAN I pray for you!

    welcome to our favorite place in archery.....:welcome:
  4. shoot with what you have for now,i shoot 3d and spots with mine,and i dont change a thing 20 yards is 20 yards indoor or out.i just bought a new bow black and red swirl,i had no chioce since my hunting bow was stolen.and i just got my first buck with it this past weekend,of course i dont use a magnifide sight. the only different thing about my bow now is the color. oh i took my 24" super stix off and put a shorter stabilizer on it.thats the only thing i changed.
    well have fun and :welcome: