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    where can some one buy compressed foam layers for an indoor archery range backstop? Or any other suggestions for a backstop would be appreciated.

    BUNNYMAN I pray for you!

    The company that makes the block sells giant block targets that can be put the indoor range I use we have frames that have long bolts in them....we put in big sheets of cardboard and use the bolts w/2x4s across the top to compress the cardboard.....When it gets shot up we just tighten the bolts and it compresses it down even more....

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    Here is some things to think about:

    Block Walls:

    - Great to pull arrows out of
    - If normal field points are used it will destroy them
    - very messy after shot up some
    - INSANELY expensive
    - Cost a crapload to replace

    Cardboard bales:

    - VERY cheap (free)
    - Burns carboard onto the arrows
    - difficult to pull arrows out of
    - Hard to detect "weak" spots until the arrow passes through
    - 2x4 + bolts = destroyed arrows (yes carbons will literaly explode if they hit the metal)
    - Heavy and hard to move depending on size

    Excelsior Bales: (Basically very compacted saw dust type material)

    - Expensive, but last forever
    - Difficult to pull arrows out of
    - Heavy as hell

    Morrel "Bag block wall"

    - Decent Price
    - Arrows pull as easy as a bag target (2 finger remoal)
    - If shooting tips that are larger diamater then arrow they can pull out or "get stuck"
    - Can get weak spots from constant shots
    - Take lots of shots

    What you are going to use is a definately dependant upon the size and the number of indoor shooters you have, if you have 3 lanes just for getting used t o the bow then a block wall is probably the best.

    If your doing league shoots I would suggest the Morrell wall

    If it just for guys screwing around go with cardboard, its free :)
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    I can't remember if it was here or AT, but I found some homemade target ideas off one of these forums. They generally used timber framing (size determined by required strength to prevent bowing, if it bows arrows may pass through) and foam insulation board. They all looked like they were pretty effective. Just type homemade into a search at these sites and see if you can find what you are looking for.
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    ok, as my name sayes i'm a newbie archer
    i just got my intrest a few weeks ago when my friend introduced me and he and his little brother (age 13) want to go out and try it. do you guys have any good places?
    i live in the portland, oregon
    thanks :laugh: :D
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    Are you shooting in the back yard? if you are get a Morrell Bag Target. Well worth the money and will stand up to years of abuse
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    i made a target out of some black fiber panel sheets i got at Lowe's they are 4X8 feet. i made a frame out of 2X4's and some all thread. i cut them in 2 foot width and stacked them up about 4 foot high.i think it was around 80.00 dollar's for ever thing. four of us shot it about ever day for two years before it got shot up. there is two kinds of this panel. one type has a thick coat of tar one side,DO NOT USE THIS KIND. you can not get arrows out of it. a friend made one out of carpet scrapes he got free at carpet store. he made it like i did mine. been shooting it six years and still good shape. hope this helps you.