Infamous Feathers vs. Blazers

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    So I know this has been debated time and time again but I cant make up my mind, I've shot feathers for years now and they have done a wonderful job of stabilizing my heavy elk hunting arrows with broadheads, but now that im in Georgia I dont need as heavy of arrows and am focusing on 3D targets mostly. I will still probably do some whitetail hunting along with some boar. So basically what is the best for accuracy with field points. Right now im looking at feathers with a right helical or blazers with either helical or an offset, does anyone have any experience shooting both with any noticeable results? Oh, i should also note that i have a fall away rest so clearance isn't an issue.
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  2. dbdcougar

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    I shot Blazers out of my compound, never had a complaint. Only reason I shoot feathers now is I went to a recurve and shoot off the shelf. Either would work for you; I'd probably go with the Blazers, they are pretty tough.

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    Blazers in a 2 inch are great for target and hunting. I use them in the ASA and Regions archery as well with my hunting using NAP kill-zone board heads. Only feathers I use is on my indoor paper shooting rig and long bow. Windy day of 3d with feathers you'll have a few float out of the middle than a vaned fletching, they just cut the air better for me. Best of luck and no matter witch you choose enjoy the shooting:)$$
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    I prefer the Blazers with my compound bow, the feathers I used to shoot tend to float with the higher speed from the compound. I was also having some tear off of flights with feathers on the carbon arrows. Since I switched to Blazers, I have better arrow flight even at distances of 50 yards and they are more durable with my current bow and set up.

    I still shoot feathers with my long bow but it uses wood arrows and since it is a bare bow, feathers are kinder to my hand.

    I would shoot both and make the decision based on your results.
  5. Hutch

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    Either will do but I prefer Blazers!