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Discussion in 'General Archery Forum' started by JYork77, Sep 3, 2007.

  1. JYork77

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    I'm new to archery and am interested in getting my first bow here soon.
    I'm curious as to what a good begginers bow would be, but one that will serve me for quite awhile.
    Any information would be greatly appreciated.
  2. poorman

    poorman And thats no lie !

    There are many good "package" deals out there.

    Diamond, Bear, Mission.. You will need to go somewhere and have someone that is knowledgable in the field to help you get set up. Make sure to find out your correct draw length first. Then shoot as many different bows as you can. Pick the one that feels the best to you. There are a lot of good bow manufacturers out there today and you can find a good quality bow with about any of them. Bottom line is you have to like it! If you pick a bow because of what everyone else has and it is not comfortable you will regret it and not enjoy shooting it. Its all about what feels best for you.

    By the way... Welcome to the site. I hope we can help you.

  3. brokenarrow

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    Welcome to the forum and the sport JYork77...

    Poorman said it best...a bow you enjoy shooting heps build confidence also and this sport is all about form and confidence...

    and if you don't enjoy using your equipment you will get frustrated faster and frustration will generally cause you to stop shooting...

    So keep us posted and ask as many questions as it takes to get the information that you need...don't just jump on a band wagon because evryone says this is the bow you mom always said...what if they told you to jump off a bridge???:dizzy:
  4. QSA

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    Welcome and one work of advise. If you like archery, and have the money. Then buy a good to top level bow to start with. Because once hooked that will be where you will end up. save money and do not buy a cheap bow. Start right.
  5. kbohunt

    kbohunt are u a fat boy?


    Poorman hit the nail on the head!
    Ya need to go some where and try them all before ya buy!
    And :welcome: to the forum!:wave:
  6. lungcutter

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    Dont rush into anything take your time and get something that YOU like and are comfortable with. Dont be afraid to ask questions and ask to shoot a couple times with each bow that you are thinking about getting.
  7. Pinwheel1969

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    correct... First figure how much money you are going to have to spend. And dont let them used car sell you. Stick w/ what you can afford. This will determin what you can get. Remember. Your gonna dump about another$200.00 in accessories. Like arrows, sight, rest, release, vibration dampners, stabilzer.. if you so chose, field points/broad heads, quiver. your best bet as a beginner is to go to a couple of archery shops and see what they got in packages. Sometimes you can get a better deal. Also you will have to get your draw length measured. Do yourself a favor. You might spend a couple more dollars at pro-shop. But you'll gain more in customer service and knowledge than a box store. Good luck!!!