Is it bad that I am shooting an overspined arrow?

Discussion in 'Bowhunting forum' started by Southernfryedyankee, Oct 8, 2007.

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    As some of you may remember I was having a DL issue. well at the time I got my bow with the wrong DL the arrows that were recommended to me were the maxima 350's. Tonight my bow was put on a draw weight scale and it said that my DW is only 62 lbs and when I first got my bow I was told that it was set at 63 and I have increased the weight since then. So not only was my DL to long but I was shooting my bow under 60 lbs or right at 60. According to Carbon Expresses chart for my "new" DL and draw weight I should be using the 250's. Is it bad that my current arrows are overspined? what will happen or what can I expect if I switch to the 250's? My arrows now are currently cut to 27" which without a broadhead is flush to the riser. I really dont mind retuning my bow if need be, I can do that in 1 day. I am also still toying with the idea of switching to slick tricks in 100g magnum instead of my muzzy 115's.
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    only real bad id its way underspined!!!

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    As long as you can tune them to fly well from your bow the 350's will weigh more and hit with a little more momentum down range which should give better penetration on a deer. Of course if you hit them through the chest [both lungs] it probably won't make a difference anyway.:decision: Over spine as mentioned above is better than under, under spine = harder to get good arrow flight and less forgiving JMO. Just right spine is always good.:thumb:
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    I didn't look at a CX spine chart but you can help fix an over spined arrow with using a heavier point. Going to a 125 grain broadhead would help. It might not make it optimum but it would definitely help without getting new arrows and starting the cycle all over again. And having a little heavier arrow with today's faster hunting bows do a lot of damage to a deer.

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    If ya got it shootin right, dont change a thing.
    Its more KE and will make your bow more quiet!
    For hunting, dont worry about it!
    If your going for flat shooting at longer ranges like 3D or past 35yds, lighten up to another shaft!
    But i wouldnt change a thing for hunting!:biggrin1: