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  1. I got the call today telling me that my elite envy was delivered. I am going to pick it up on sat. the dealer said that he is very impressed with the looks and finish of the bow. I told him it better do what they say it can because i didnt pay that much just for a good looking bow.
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    SHHHHHHHHH,you just said Elite,:tape: :tape: :tape:

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    based on what I've read so far you need to request the new cam's unless your bow will be coming with them.

    Also (striclty based off what I've read from Envy owners) you'll need to play around with the bow quite a bit to get it shooting in the speed range that is anywhere near promised. The highest speed that I was seeing was in the 330 range using all IBO settings.

    Almost everyone that I've read about has sent their bow back at least once for "re-tuning" and the improved smooth cams are still being worked on. Average speeds that most guys are getting is in the 310 - 325 range, almost all say that Elite's chrono is being more generous in speed that theirs.

    Good luck with it, I hope you like it and if you don't from what I've read you can sell it and get a Synergy which is almost as fast and a lot less $$$
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    WooHoo! A New Toy. :biggrin1: You better get some pics up quick!
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    Yeah, what she said. The man-law thing you know...

  6. got it

    well first off, happy fathers day to all the proud papas (and even the not so proud). I got my new baby! I will get some pics up asap. it will take a couple days though. this thing shoots like a dream. no hand shock, no cam lean, no vibration, quiet, and smokin fast. I will use it for hunting and 3d, and it wont need string silencers. it shot a 406gr beeman at 330 fps (only a release loop on the string). My alliegance shot the same arrow at 289. I put a G5 sight, ripcord rest, and fuse 10 in. stabilizer on it. looking forward to making the new arrows for it, they should be about 352 gr.
    will keep the progress posted for those interested.
  7. thanks dredly. it does have the new cams. and was sent with both sets of mods.
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    I've heard all good things about them, and the speeds are adequate compared to other bows. Considering the moderate price saving, I feel it is a great choice. I'm getting two new bows this summer, and I can't decide if one should be a new Ross Cardiac, or a Elite.