It's so hard to convert, but im taking it a step at a time.

Discussion in 'General Archery Forum' started by Mad-Man, Feb 22, 2006.

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    I still find myself trying to get onto AT every day. I love this sight but its just to slow paced for me, I read fast, and for long periods of time, so I need the vast amounts of posting, lol. However, its funny because everytime I log onto AT I see a post saying "Congrats Mike you've done it!" Or "Lets give Mike a big hand for getting us back up and running smooth!" Well, this is funny to me. I think what we have happening here is people getting onto AT and it running smooth for the first 1 min like it does for me, then going to hell again. I have a custom built computer that I built myself. I have $3,000 worth of parts in it, pretty much the best stuff I can buy. I have roadrunner highspeed online, unrouted. My point being, my connection is blazing. And if I cant even surf AT without getting time outs, or huge lag, them im fairley sure that the problem is most definatly not fixed. Im taking it one step at a time, but i've almost got AT out of my system completly. Problems wont get fixed, when the AT staff are getting praised for things they havent yet done.
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    The boys from AT are struggling with the admin side of the forum. I feel their pain.

    That said, we are growing at a nice pace and are gaining more users every day. A forum becomes a community and the members that post often encourage others to post often. It is a viral effect. The more one person posts, the more others post and so on.

    We have now gained some really good members with a wide range of archery skills and experience. This along with the polite and helpful nature of our members will ensure the growth of this forum.


    BUNNYMAN I pray for you!

    Great now I am polite and helpful???:noidea:
    But I do agree, w/mad man, was on here last night and was told by some one after I made a joke about not being able to get on at for two full days, that I was wrong and that it was working fine. Well i tried it and low and behold it was, for ABOUT 3 AND A HALF stupid (yes I wanted to use a different word) minutes. Then nocked out again, same thin today.

    Polite and helpful:laugh: :laugh: