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    Has anyone else out ther heard of a Bowyer named John Riggs?

    I don't know how many people are in to Primitive Archery equipment... but anyone who wants to break into or just add a great Bow to their collection, should check out the Native American Paddle Bow's that John Riggs makes. He is a Bowyer from the heart of Michigan's Ojibwe Nations and has perfected making all forms of Eastern, Plains and West Coast Indian Bow's. I bought a Bow Blank to finish myself from him. he coached me through all of the steps on shaping, tillering and finishing this Bow. I was so impressed with this Bow ....I hav since bought a Snakeskinned Bow also. I would highly recommend these Bow's to anyone who was thinking about tossing 100's of dollars away towards a Famous Named Bow........I am not one to stick my neck out for anyone but, I would put these Bow's up against the Best of them. John Riggs stands 100% behind his Bo's and is so helpful in teaching others to build them also. John sells on eBay for the most part and also can be got a hold of at .....

    [email protected]

    He told me that he will build any Bow to specifications, just give him a shout. I myself think that he is going to be Big in Traditional Archery here in the next few years. Send him an email and askim any questions you may have, you won't regret it, I promise.
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    I sure appreciate that post! I surely love traditional shooting. Altho, I am not so good at it, yet.

    I really enjoy reading posts by people who have good things to say about about traditional archery. Building bows, making arrows, and, all the things that go into being a traditional archer impress me.

    For a modern age archer, getting a fletching jig and flecthing your own arrows adds so much to your overall enjoyment of the sport. Every archer should at least attempt to fletch their own arrows. :)