Just back from Murrayville 3D shoot

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    Hi Guys,

    I figured I would let you know how the 3D shoot in Murrayville IL. was. The course was at the Central Illinois Archery shop just off of 267. It was a 30 target shoot in a mostly wooded area. Most of the scenarios were real hunting situations, they even had a ladder stand set up { I thought that was really cool} I like to shoot 3D to keep my skills sharp for hunting season, I even take it a little further I like to "stalk" to target along the trail just as if I was still hunting. I did have a startling moment, on the 10th target at full draw I heard footsteps right behind me. I lowered my bow and turned around, 15yds from stood a really nice 8 pointer in velvet just looking at me!!! It was the coolest thing I have seen, maybe he wanted to see me nail the 12 ring on the mountain goat. On the whole the shoot was really good, all the targets were challenging, next time I'll remember to bring my bug mask...the bugs were insane!!!

    The shop looked amazing, I'm glad I only brought enough money for the shoot and some lunch HAHA! Everyone was friendly and I plan on returning for the next shoot or maybe to have my equipment tuned.

    Thanks CIA for a great event!

    BUNNYMAN I pray for you!


    sweet got any pics....

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    Nice...sounds like it was a good time...:biggrin1:
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    First off :welcome: to the forum glad to have you with us.:rockon:

    Next great to hear you had such a good time today. Deer in velvet that is cool I have'nt seen anything like that around here guess I should be keeping my eyes open a little more. And yes PICS PICS PICS. We love pics in case you could'nt tell.:laugh: :peace: