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Discussion in 'Beginners Archery Range' started by Harman, Jan 22, 2008.

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    Just getting started

    I am bran new to the sport of bow hunting. I am in the process of buying my first bow and wanted some advice. I am blessed to have some good archery pro shops around where I live and have received advice from there staff. But most of the shops tend to have a brad bias. It would be great to receive some non bias info on some new bows. I am looking into spending $350 to $500 on a bow and around $200 on accessories. I have access to buy any brand of bow from my local shops. I appreciate any and all advice that you can give a novice.

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    :welcome: to the forum... I would say for that price range you are going to want to look for a complete bow package.... There are alot of Companies out there that sell bow packages. Take a look at Parker, PSE, and Hoyt I am sure there are other companies out there that sell these types of deals too but these companies are the ones I am most familiar with... try several different manufacturers before you make a decision... Good Luck..:rockon: :rockon:

  3. first of all :welcome: to the site. Second is you are going to have your hands full, all most all manufactures make a bow that will fall into your price range. I would advise you to take your time and shoot all the ones that fall into your price range and disregard what everyone favors. Make sure you test them at your draw length and at the poundage you feel you are going to want, that is the best way to get a feel for it. I would also recommend that you buy you a release that you like and take it with you, shoot all the bows using that one release. If you plan on trying alot of bows or not, I would also take a paper and pencil to write down which ones I liked and what I liked about them. It will be a hard choice with all the good bows out there, Good luck with your adventure.
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    :welcome: :wave:
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    :welcome: Good luck on your bow hunt.:biggrin1: :welcome: :welcome: :welcome:
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    well I do not know about non bias here lol
    Just kidding. I own a lot of bows, all I can say is get what feels right in your hands and do not give up.
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    I hate to agree but I just gotta. Shoot em all then decide don't let anyone talk you out of a bow or in to a bow. You are going to be the one shooting it and if it does not feel good to you then you could be in for a long struggle.

    :welcome: :welcome: to the forum..........ENJOY.:peace:
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    I agree with "all of the above". Shoot as many as possible and then decide. It's like buying a car. It will pick you out as much as you pick it out. Good luck and keep shooting and most of all HAVE FUN:welcome: :welcome: :welcome:
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    :welcome: :welcome:
    Most of your top bowery's have a good guarantee and some good shootin' bows
    find tha one you like best and are comfortable with tha price.
    then get those fellars to give you some pointers on archery shooting form. that's tha key to good shooting
    then practice practice.
    we owe it to tha beautiful creatures that tha Lord has given to us.
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    I agree!

    And :welcome: to the forum and have fun shooting:wave:

    BUNNYMAN I pray for you!

    dont overlook the Mission X3.......at $339 its a great VALUE.....and you can get really cheap accesories, that will fit the bill.......
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    :welcome: to the sport and site. You'll find most everything you need to know here. different companies have different prices on bows. Try out different bows and see if the one you like the best is in your price range. try out the ones only in your price range though so you won't get hooked on one thats out of your price range.:peace: