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Discussion in 'General Archery Forum' started by crowe, Dec 8, 2005.

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    hello im new to all of this. so any help would be greatly appricated. what im looking for is to get both my girlfriend and i into archery. first on my agenda is to get her set up. i know very very little about this sport. anyhow what im looking for is some info on a good womans bow that she will be able to enjoy and learn with. we both want to dive head first into this sport so i know we will both work very hard at it, and if we both feel comfortable enough with it try hunting next fall. any advice will go very far and i would greatly appriciate it
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    Crowe. The best advice that could be given to you is to find a good, reputable archery pro shop. Even if it is a little out of the way, it would be well worth the time and effort.
    A "good" pro shop will take time to properly fit you to a bow (poundage, draw length, smooth draw cycle, etc). They will have many makes and models and probably a price range to fit your budget. They will also have the proper accessories for your bow.
    At a good pro shop you will leave with a bow that you have shot several times on their range, and you will feel comfortable knowing that you have the proper bow that fits you and the feel of the bow is right for you. Also, you will know that bow can shoot accurate (notice that I said the bow is accurate). They will also be more than happy to make minor adjustments as you become more knowledgable in what you want out of the bow. Usually if it is minor and you bought the bow from them they will do this free of charge.

    There are just too many variables to chance buying one from a chain or online store. If you buy from a good pro shop you will have a bow that is enjoyable to shoot. There is nothing like having a bow rig that you just hate to shoot. I know, I have had them in the past.

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    I recently bought a Parker ChallengerII outfitter for my wife, and I have to say that it was money well spent. It is very light, has a comfortable grip for a smaller hand, quiet, forgiving, has a good draw weight and length adjustment range, and is very affordable.
    The only problem I had was that she was shooting 3" groups after the initial sighting in! :eek: (she's a natural)
    Looks like I'll have to practice more so she doesn't make me look bad! ;)

    Good luck, and let us know what you get!

    p.s. Welcome!