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    Been spying on the forum for about two weeks now along with a few other forums. This one seems to be one of the better ones out there so figured I would join hope you don’t mind
    Just getting back into archery after a few years of absences.
    When I first took up the sport a bow sight consisted of masking tape and a match and an up grade in a sight was when u went from a paper match to a wood one.
    Anyways got question for you folks out of this list of bows
    Which ones have the least amount of mechanical brake downs such as cam bushings, cam lean, cable string problems, limbs and tuning problems?
    Obviously need to hear from folks that have had their bows longer then a year and from ones that shoot at least 3 times a week for an hour
    LOL I know it’s a loaded question just trying to get some extra info on them before I go to a pro shop to test drive a few of them that’s if I can find a pro shop in Colorado that cares more then 2 makes and models of bows
  2. :welcome: always glad to have new people. in my oppinion there are quite a few good ones on your list. as much as I hate to say it mathews is probly the one on the list that stands out. but like you said, shoot them all before you buy. with the technology today it seems to come down to personal preferance and what fits you the best. I personally shoot bow tech and have an elite on order. I am also in colorado. what part of the state are you in? maybe I could offer up a bow shop for you.:cool:


    BUNNYMAN I pray for you!


    they all make good bows at this point or they would not be in bussiness.....I shot Mathews exclussivly right now, but that can always change from time to time....

    3 Mathews and 1 on order....:tape:
  4. kbohunt

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    :welcome: To the forum.
    The bow's listed are all good.
    In my experance bow's are just like truck's: if you like ford your gonna buy a ford,no matter if you got that one ford that was the lemon,you go back & get another ford because it feel's the best just like your bow.
    Get one that feel's best to you,not what everyone else tell's you is the best.
    Ive shot & owned almost everyone you listed they all shot great,hunted great.:peace:
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    :welcome: to the forum. I think you need to shoot and pick the bow that best fits you. All manufacturers are making great products. And they all have excellent customer service. Mathews in my opinion are the best but that is just me. Good luck and remember to have fun trying all the bows out.:peace:
  6. Colo_Lee

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    Thanks for the welcome :biggrin1:
    Bone collector I live in the northeast corner Sterling

    If u can recommend any pro shop’s that have a good selection of
    Bows please let me know :biggrin1:

    Lol and u guys are telling me your bows never brake down? :laugh:
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    Welcome !! well you'll guess what I'm going to say!!! LOL !!! I'm a PSE guy. I've shot about about every brand of bow on the planet. Back in the day today. And owned about (1) from each at one time or another. With that list of bows manufacturers you wont get a bad one. From my personal experience. You wont have those issue's you listed with those brand of bows..
    I like personally partial to PSE andMartin. I shot Martin off and on for years. Awesome bows. Then in the last 3 years or so have moved on to PSE !!! A position opened up for me and I took it!! you wont go wrong with any of those lineups. I havent heard any bad things about any of them (as far having issue's) that is..
    Unless its a Math-eews.. LOL ...LOL...LOL...LOL...:rockon:
  8. the closest one I have personally used is in greely. its called garretsons. I have never had them do any work but I have gotten a few things there. that is where I ordered my envy from. the # is 1-970-353-8068 ask for paul. the one I use most is in gleenwood springs. I do most of my own work but the guy there is very knowledgable and has no problem talking or giving advise. if you want to travel that far I know he would be very helpfull.:rockon:
  9. Colo_Lee

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    Bones last time I was in Garretson’s they didn’t have an indoor
    range so if that hasn’t changed cant compare bows :laugh:
    This feller in Glenwood does he have an indoor range and
    a good selection of bows?
  10. dano1977

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    Mathews bows for me! (but all bows are great!)
  11. GANDEE

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    ross bows for me ,best thing to do is go and shoot em ,anymore there all good
  12. well I guess stuff at garretsons has changed then. I will be shooting the elite set up through a chrono before I take delivery.:boxing: I made sure of this before I placed the order. and yes my glenwood shop does have a large selection of bows. His range is outdoors.
  13. by the way, you can take your:laugh: and :censored:
    happy hunting for that bow shop. I think k-mart might be a good one for you.:biggrin1:
  14. Ronhop

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    I have a Bowtech Allegiance, Diamond Victory and Mathews Ovation. I love all 3... Shoot as many as you can, pick the one that feels the most comfortable, and definitely don't buy a certain bow because you like the sound of the name.

    Good luck and welcome.

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    Welcome to the forum...:welcome:

    I think the biggest issue with a new bow is finding a shop you trust...Breakdowns aren't real common, but when they happen you want a shop that can take care of you and you don't feel like you got taken for a ride...
  16. kbohunt

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    Find a shop

    I really agree with this statement.
    If your new to archery & dont have a bow press or know how to work on the bow or bow's you buy.
    You shouldnt buy your first from places like bass pro or cabala's or major retailor's
    the reason if you want it worked on, atleast around where i live your gonna have to stand in line behind all the archer's who bought bow's at that shop without any price break's Or they dont work on that brand because they dont carry it or it's part's.
    Me i work on bow's,dont sell any unless there archer's that want me to sell for them,I go to pro-shop's check the new bow on the market i like and buy it from a major retailor,because i have the shop to work on them. this is the process i use it may not agree to other's but work's for me.:biggrin1: