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    I used to shoot alot but stopped for about 3 years and am just getting back into it. I hunted this year and my setup did well for me but I would like to start shooting 3d and would appreciate any help.

    I have a 2007 Martin Bengal with a marting whisper biscuit. Trophy ridge inline 3 pin sight. I shoot with a cobra trigger release and shoot 400 easton st epic arrows with a 100 gr tip. I have a 30" draw length. shoot at 60 lbs.
    The bow currently shoots 257 feet per second.

    I would like info on what back tension release would be best.
    Should I go with a lighter arrow for more speed.
    My whisper biscuit tears my 3" plastic vanes and am wondering if I should switch to a nap quick tune 360.
    I want to be able to hunt and shoot tournaments with the same setup.
    I am also looking at the spot hog hog it hunter.

    Any info would be great.

    BUNNYMAN I pray for you!

    I just wish I could reply and help you but have been banned from posting on any thread that has the rest in question on it....

    by the way welcome......

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    :laugh: Don't mind him he has a few issues but we all love him just the same.

    :welcome: to the forum Joey glad to have you here. Great bow you have there.

    As far as BT releases go Tru-Ball and Carter make some great ones as do some other companies. You will need to shoot a few and see what feels good to you. And be careful it takes a little getting used to. First month I used mine I popped myself in the kisser a few times. But for target I think BT is the way to go.

    Now arrows I would suggest going to an arrow that is around 5.5 gpp. This will help you out when you make an error in distance judging. But I like to stay well above the 5gpp minimum.

    As for the WB rest tearing fletching I use blazer vanes and do not have any problems. Some organizations do not allow blazers in certain classes so be sure to check before switching over. Also make sure you have a little extra space above the arrow while sitting in the rest if not then that may be the problem but any stiff vane should be fine. For hunting I love the WB because the arrows stays where I put it. For target shooting though other rests are fine. It is your call but you need to have confidence in your equipment so if the WB worries you then I would say switch.

    Spot Hogg makes a great sight. I went with a Flashpoint from Montana Black Gold due to when shooting in direct sunlight my pins on other sights would starburst and block out my targets. Especially when I was in the sun and target was in the shade.

    This is all just my opinion and hope it helps you out.

    Now come on Adam and help the fella out. You are about ready to explode anyways wanting to give him some advise.
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    I'm only chiming in to clarify something Hoosier said. He mentioned arrows weighing 5 gpp. He means 5.5 grains per pound of the bows peak weight. Some guys misinterpret this to be 5.5gr per inch of arrow----wrong chicken.

    As for the rest I will only say that I am not ina any way a fan of containment rests. Nuff said. I don't want to get banned. LOL.

    Sight? I have two Spott Hoggs (Real Deal and Hogg-It) and they are a good sight. But I don't hunt with them. The pin guard is just not (IMO) wide enough to protect the pins and fibers in possible brushy situations. The stock pins are not bright enough either for darker shots.

    Fitz fibers are a good replacement and especially if left longer. That's another matter and after market alteration.

    I can't state specific models, but a couple sights that I've seen lately that deserve a little more scrutiny are Vpier, Extreme, and Toxonics. Of course I always desire a sight that has no plastic apart from the fibers themselves.
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    Now that formalities are over........I ain't skerit, I'll say what the others want to say but in fear of being self booted................THROW THAT WB AWAY.:biggrin1: Lighter arrows and a good drop away. I personally would shoot with a finger or thumb release for awhile, get all your basics down pat, before you even think about a back tension release. And there's nothing wrong with that Martin Bengal.:peace:
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    Welcome to the forum.

    If you are "the man" when it comes to judging yardage, speed isn't so important. However, if you are like me, you need all the speed you can get to make up for the +/- 3 or 4 yards you misjudge each shot. If you want to maintain the 60lb shooting poundage, then you need lighter arrows. 5.5 grains per pound is a good figure. 5 grains per pound of actual draw weight, not peak draw weight is the minimum allowed in IBO competition. (I had to check this during the Bedford Indiana IBO Triple Crown event this year). You could drop to an arrow weighing 330 grains total and gain speed.

    Back tension releases are a different animal. Best advice I can give is to try to find a vendor that has several models that you can actually try out. Even different variations (like 2, 3, or 4 finger) of the same model can make a big difference. You might also consider thumb trigger style releases. They are sort of like a step in-between a wrist strap and a true back tension.

    Whisker biscuits are fine rests. I prefer drop aways for 3D shooting. I switched over to a Ripcord dropaway rest. It still offers full containment like the WB, but does not wear on your vanes. I use my Ripcord for both 3D and hunting because I also like to use the same setup for both.

    I have heard good things and bad things about Spot Hogg sights. Get one in your hand and make the decision for yourself before you lay down that much money. The Viper Predator Pro series of sights are very nice also and if you can wait til mid January, Copper John is due to release a new sight that will set a new standard.

    I am no pro, but I have learned the above from my own trial and error. Good luck with your shooting and I hope you build a set up that you enjoy shooting. After all, that is what it is all about.:peace:
  7. Also a newbie

    I started last year totally green. Now I'm a shade lighter green.

    I shot my hunting setup in the hunter class and was I in for a surprise! I was the only person at the IBO in Bedford in the hunter class with a hunting bow! I shoot a Switchback with a WB rest and have no problem putting deer down in a hurry, but that doesn't seem to be what other guys are shooting at 3d shoots. Most of them shoot a totally different bow than they hunt with, with extremely long stabilizers, balancers, tiny little dart-like arrows, really long/extended sights, etc.

    Also, you need to give some consideration to the class you will shoot because there are restrictions on gear with each class. For instance, in the hunter class you can not have a moving sight unless you set it before the shoot and do not move it - meaning you must have a multiple pin sight, not a single pin that you adjust for yardage.

    Some other things I learned: Buy one of those handy fold-out seats for long rests inbetween shooting (and you can attach tubes to the legs to hold arrows so you don't need a quiver). Use dark arrows with dark vanes so you don't stand out on the target and give others an aiming point. Thermacell - get one. Some target flash cards help. Also a card puncher is handy. Get yourself some good binos if you don't already have them - 8x is the maximum allowed by IBO. Picked up a bowpod (kind of a kickstand for your bow) which helps - allows you to set your bow down without laying it on the ground or leaning it against something.

    That's about all I can think of for now. I still don't have a target bow, but then I only shoot to get ready for hunting - I know I'm gonna get my clock cleaned, but don't care.
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    Well hi there Jeremiah :welcome: to the forum. Where abouts in Indiana are you from??
  9. Just sent you an e-mail.

    I'm from Lawrence County, but this year was my first visit to the IBO at the Lawrence County fairgrounds. Just saw the '07 shoot is the weekend of 18 May. I'll be there ready for another lesson in humility.

    I also shoot the local 3d shoots at the Bloomington Archery Club. I believe they get started again in January with their brush shoot - pretty cool shoot. They have it on the indoor range, 3d targets with christmas trees in the way. I tied for first at that one last year - it was my only shinning moment :doh: .
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    Hey there Jeremiah. I'm in Orange county. Nice to see another local person on the forums. Have you been over to the White River Bow Hunters club west of Mitchell? We have a pretty nice facility. I'm pretty sure that I had a Switchback with a whisker biscuit on my boy at the Bedford shoot also, so don't feel all alone....:peace:

    We have an indoor league starting the first week of January and possibly some indoor 3D shoots also.
  11. Hi back at you -used to be a member of WRBC and you're right it's an excellent club. Don Eberman does all my bow work - he lives right up the road.

    I'm ready to try some more 3d - glad to hear there are others shooting hunting setups in 3d, especially a big shoot like the IBO.

    I'd be all over that indoor 3d :rockon:
  12. jcmorgan31

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    I'll send you a pm when I get a date on the indoor 3D shoot. You probably won't see me at another IBO shoot with hunting gear again....I can only be embarrassed that badly once. :doh: