Kids Bow upgrade?

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    I started both my boys shooting over a year ago.
    The boys love the 3d events, and we joined a club to shoot anytime.
    For time outside, its almost as good as fishing. (almost!).:lol:

    My older one (9) shoots a Genesis at~20#,
    and my younger one (7) shoots an black Bear kids compound bow
    that actually has a let off and is at 20#.

    For my 7yr old I'm looking at the Mini-Genesis, but I know he'll
    outgrow it before we get it home. He has grown out of the reach
    of his present bow but its the perfect size & weight.
    Also no sight and his draw is now longer.
    He's ready for a big guy bow..

    Is there an intermediate out there?
    The Genesis is huge for him, and He'll get his older bros. in a few years..

    Should we go for the mini genesis or another brand?

    3d's start next month.

    We all need to get back to the range.

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    Super-adjustable bows

    There are three bows (probably more) that I'd consider an option for a new archer that will grow with them in both size and strength for a good few years.

    Darton Ranger II or III: the only real difference seems to be color. and they both adjust from something like 15 to 45 pounds and 17 to 28 inches Draw length.

    Whisper Creek Panther adjust in both draw length from 17 to 27 and weight from 20 to 50 pounds.

    Fred Bear Odyssey II also adjusts for both draw length (13 to 27) and weight from 12 to 50 pounds.

    The downside is, of course, cost. You're looking at just over $225 at the low end and upwards of $350 at the high end to get one of these rigs ready to go for your kids. But at least by the time that they grow out of it they can buy their own.....

  3. Rob P

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    I will add i already have a wisker bisquit and pin sight mounted on his kidie compound.

    All will transfer to a new bigger bow he can grow into.

    Hopefully that will keep costs down.

    Thanks for the info.
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