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    ok i need some help my little girl wants to start shooting with me:rockon: and i need to find her a bow :noidea:
    she is 11yrs she is fairly good sized for her age she is bigger then most 5th graders including the boys.
    so what im wondering is what kind of bow i should start her off on??:noidea:

    BUNNYMAN I pray for you!

    two that come to my mind are the Genisis Pro and the Browning micro series. I beleive the have two, the Adreniline and the Midas, all three of these have a wide draw length adjustment. You will want this as you will be changing draw legths fairly often for the next few years.

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    My son is shooting the Browning Micro Adreniline. It will adjust from 17- 28" and 20- 50 pounds. He is 11 and has been shooting it for 2+ years. I thank that this is a great bow for kids. He is shooting Gold Tip Falcons. At 22" and 30 pounds he was shooting somewhere arround 178 fps. He started shooting 3-d with it this year. I highly recomend it. Also, to change the draw length you do not need a press. All you do is take out two bolts and move a cam. very simple.
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    my daughter or wife

    my daughter is 10 and shooting the genisis pro that we found on E Bay & not doing too bad with it, I think the gensis is a good starter bow and if your daughter really likes archery and wants to continue to shoot then up grade or if $$ isn't an issue then buy quality. I'am thinking about up grading my daughter & buying my wife either the browning micro midas or parker challenger, wondering which one is the better of the two. not so much in personal preference but in value or break downs (pros & cons). Can't wait to get them going on 3D as a family
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    Parker Buckshot

    Don't overlook this bow it is a very nice shooting bow and is also very adjustable. Draw length adjust from 18-28 Draw weight from 30-40(or 40-50). The outfitter package I bought for my son was $289 and came with TM hunter rest,cobra sight,tubed peep,3 arrow quiver, and 3 carbon arrows. Just something else you may want to look at. Good luck and I hope your daughter enjoys this sport because our sons and daughters are the future of archery.
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    I've got 3 sons and also help instruct at our bethel crossed bows progam that has over 40 kids shooting bow. We have seen quite a few different setups that all work very well. All the bows listed above are great, my sons are currently shooting the brwning micro adrenaline and a parker buckshot.Your best bet is to go to a local proshop and try out as many different bows as possible to find one she is comfortable with and enjoys shooting. good luck and enjoy shooting with your daughter! Gabe If anyone can tell me some firsthand info on the new parallel limb parker challenger youth bow i'd appreciate it.
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    Here's a few to check out. Depends on her size and strength which way to go.
    Hoyt Trykon Sport, the lighter version is the Jr.
    Parker Buckshot. Parker

    At the shop I go to, the Buckshot is about $30 more for a package, compare to the Trykon Jr bare.

    I have a Browning Micro Midas, and a Parker Buckshot; well my boys do anyway. I like Parker's limb upgrade program, basically a new bow for $50.

    Just be careful not to over-bow her. I see a lot of kids struggle with too much draw weight. If this bow is for hunting, check your local regs for a minimum draw poundage.

    Good luck
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    Alpine Micro

    I teach archery to over 3000 kids ayear and I would not use anything else other than Alpine Micro becouse of the draw length ajust ment and they will hold up to the kids . that means alot to me... My own kids have shoot them for year and kill lots of stuff with theres. Just no better kids bow ....21 to 29 in one bow
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    The Hoyt Banshee is a great youth bow.. lots of adjustment and can be done w/o a press. Got one for my 11 yr old nephew and he's done great with it. I got his on ebay (used, but perfect) for $120 loaded.
  10. pilot

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    I bought a Diamond Edge package for my wife's first bow last year....lot's of adjustability in draw length and they will will upgrade the limb's for a very reasonable fee when she's ready for more draw weight.
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    My 10 year old son has had the Genesis for about 3 years now. Its pretty good but the poundage is limited, and it doesn't have a specific draw length I found that adding a kisser button to the string was a great help. The only other thing I would consider is it has a 36 ATA which in my opinion can be awkward for some kids. I am thinking of getting him the Edge by Diamond to get him closer to a hunting bow.