Kinetic energy and broadheads

Discussion in 'Bowhunting forum' started by Terry Keener, Apr 11, 2008.

  1. Terry Keener

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    My buddies and I are looking into Rage broadheads next year. We've heard that you need at least 55 ftlbs.of kinetic energy to open a mechanical. Just wondering what you thought we really needed. Especially to open the 2in or the new 3in. We're trying to find something that will kill quickly or at least leave a horific blood trail because we hunt in grown up clearcuts and tracking can be next to impossable.
  2. tnts79

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    I only recommend mechanicals to people shooting over 60 lbs and at least a 28" draw length. You will almost always get more penetration out of a fixed blade broadhead. Shot placement is more critical if you hunt in thick cover, if you hit a whitetail anywhere in a 6" circle with a sharp broadhead you shouldn't have too much tracking to do! If you do go with mechanicals shoot a quality head. Like that of Rage, Tekan II's, or Grim Reapers. A lot of people praise spitfires, but if I can't get a mechanical broadhead to deploy by pushing it through a piece of construction paper I WILL NOT shoot it at an animal. Try that test with a spitfire!:doh:

    I just filed for this years gun tags, can't believe its almost that time of year again!

  3. J.Blay

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    I agree with tnts79. Shot placement is the most important part of a good blood trail. I had a mechanical broadhead malfunction. The exit wound was a little larger than the arrow shaft, but it was a double lung hit. The blood trail was wide and intense. The deer only ran 30 yards or so, and collapsed. The best thing I did to improve my accuracy was and is to practice elevated from a tree stand in my back yard at the same height I hunt from. I also practice in the rain, snow and wind. I haven't missed a deer yet, or lost one since I started doing this. I also consider my maximum effective range is 30 yards. I will shoot farther only if there is no wind or obstructions. I limit my range to 15 or 20 yards max if conditions are poor. I use the atom razor wire broadhead now. I'ts the only broadhead that guarentees the EXACT same impact point as target tips or your money back. My next choice is Thunderheads. A friend of mine used the Rage last year and he really liked them. He shoots 60 pounds. Good luck and happy hunting!!!
  4. J.C.

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    I personally would want 50- 60 ft-lbs of ke for a big mechanical.

    That being said, if you go to the Aftershock website you will see some kills made by a lady using theirs with a 40 lb. bow.
  5. jdawg240

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    Im not trying to tell you what to do but I would try SPITFIRES:D
  6. red44

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    IMHO you need to make up your mind on this one. If blood trails are a priority, don't go huge on the expandable. Pass throughs leave better trails. Big broadheads may hit more and kill faster but you might not get a pass-through. Oh course you might see them drop, but it's not w/out risk of not seeing them drop. My choice would be a size head that you think you can put through AND put it where you should. Best of both worlds. Location, location , location. What head shoots best for you? Thats what I'd pick.