Land of tha Not so Free

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    Here is very news worthy story fellars

    look for more of that same especially if we have socialized medicine here in tha Good ol USA
    I am for a change
    less beauratic interference in our lives and more freedoms ta chose what I think is best for me
    Remember tha little Cuban fellar
    what fear struck our lives when this happened
    are we next I thought
    looks like it.
    Hey JC now you git a glimpse into tha past and see what my GG Grandpa was fighten fer.
    Small goverment with more freedom fer tha individual
    for tha people by the people- I belive is what my GGGGG Grandpa did it fer as well in 1776
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    this is scary stuff, and only going to get worse with this money and power hungry world :mad:

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    Granted this was handled totally wrong and,in this case, there should be legal ramifications involved. But to play "devil's Advocate" here, I imagine that there has been many times when this was the right procedure. What about the numerous child abuse cases where the parents refuse medical care or those that refuse child care for lack of money or just not caring enough for their own children. We are always quick to jump on the band wagon against procedures but they are usually put into effect for a reason. In this case they were to the extreme on the wrong side, but in other cases how many lives of children may have been saved.:noidea: :noidea: :noidea:
    "The sheriff said the decision to use SWAT team force was justified because the father was a "self-proclaimed constitutionalist" and had made threats and "comments" over the years."
    Also with the above I imagine the police department had the man "flagged" and this contributed to the over all problem.
    I'm not condoning what happened here, but I am saying that procedures are there to protect the minority of cases where kids can't help themselves.
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    This is just wrong. If there was abuse it would have came out before this. It said he had 10 kids. Sounds like some are grown. But any way I hope he get millions of dollars over this. We are losing our rights day by day. I had a Doc call social service one time on me in Ohio. They came out to the house. I let them in, explain what happen and then I say get the hell out of my house and do not come back. Then I called the hospital and told the doc not to worry about a lawsuit, worry about a a$$ whipping. :smokin:
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    Most know this but most won't admitt it....the united states is so messed's not even funny.I hope i have another 20 good years in me....but i hate to think what kind of world i'll be living in.:noidea:
  6. Holy Smokes

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    I guess i am flagged and have ben fer some time
    I could care less anymore i want my country back