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    I am trying to start shooting the ASA and other 3D shoots pretty seriously and I am looking at getting some large diameter arrows such as Easton Fatboys, Goldtip X Cutters ( I believe that's what they're called), CX Linejammers, and other large dia. arrows. Before buying a dozen and spending 120 plus bucks for them I want to shoot some first. So if anyone has about 3 to 6 extras they don't shoot anymore or would part with, I would like to buy them so I can shoot them before I make a much bigger investment. Thanks a lot. Bassinator
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    I have the Carbon Express cxl2's

    I am sorry, I will NOT part with a one of them,ha,but,they are up to my standards,every one of them even after being cut weighed the same and spun on the inspector flawlessly.
    I shot them at my first asa.they put me in the top 25.
    I can also recommend the goldtip ultralite 22's and x-cutters,they see to make a few of my shooting partners very happy as well,the 22's will help in the wind.
    As for any of the others? ???
    I would go with .001's for straitness tolorances for sure no matter what you choose,I did,and it does matter to me,I can see the difference.
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