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  1. My girlfriend is going to get me a new tv for my B-day:rockon: , I narrowed my choice down to a 42"-47" and it will be a 1080p. I will be going from a 25" bubble tube tv to the new one. I know that many of you have or have had LCD tv's, so can you tell me what brand you have or have had and what your pro's an con's are or were with them. I would also like to know what you think would be better the flat finish screen or the shiney screen. I have 3 weeks to decide which one I want, so please give me your input, thanks for all the help.
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    sanyo 42" hd tv hangs on the wall or not depending n what you want. excellent tv decent price we love it.its a 1080i and has all the bells and whistles.
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    Some VERY important factors...

    1. How far from the set will you be sitting? I don't mean "well I may sit on the floor" either. From the wall to where your head will be (primarily) is how far?

    This will tell you the SIZE you should buy... trust me. the difference in 2 - 3 inches is huge if you aren't at the right viewing distance.

    2. Budget? Whats your expected spending? KEEP IN MIND: cabinets, cables, mounts... etc. These often can run several hundred dollars extra (especially the mount)

    3. Environment is pretty important, do you have a lot of room? does it have to be mounted on the wall? will you have a glare?

    4. Usage, what are you doing with it? watching TV? watching lots of Blu-Ray movies? Playing video games?

    Its normally not a small purchase, and you need to take a lot of stuff into consideration to ensure you are getting exactly what you want and what will fit your goals and plans.

    If you don't have an HDTV source and won't be getting one then it may be okay to go 720i/1080p as opposed to 1080i it could save you a few hundred bucks... and most people won't notice the difference to be honest, that extra cash can easily go into a new sound system :p

    So answer the questiosn and I'll give you more info :p

    just fyi - I'm currently using a 55" Samsung Rear Projection LCD, its about 4 years old now but still works great in 720i/1080p and I use it for lots of gaming. no issues :)
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    No matter what you get for an LCD, get the extended warranty. Our shop is connected to a repair center. They are always fixing TVs, LCD, Plasma, etc and I have had many conversations with the tech guys. They always tell me, get the extended warranty. The boards in these can get really expensive. Some even more than the TV costs new.:doh:

  6. 1. 10-12 feet depending where I sit

    2. I have a $2200 budget for the tv, extended warranty and taxes, I will be paying the rest if more so I want to keep at or below that.

    3. The room is 12'x24' with the kitchen adding another 12' in an L shape, the tv will be mounted in an entertainment center, some late afternoon glare for about a half to an hour but not a whole lot.

    4. Mostly watching HD tv and some dvd's on up verter, but no blue-ray movies until the blue-ray players and movies come down in prices.

    I have been looking at Sony, Samsung and Sharp in the 42" to 47".
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    Also look at the JVC's and Mitibushi. When looking at them remember the (P) is better than the (i). I have a 56 Mit in my livingroom and a 42 JVC wall mounted in my bedroom. It actually cost me more to mount the TV in my bedroom than what I paid for the TV itself. Had an old CRT TV in there first. When I switched over to the LCD I bought a wall mount and I needed one that extends and has 3 axle adjustments Had to buy 3 sets of cables because I ran everything thru the wall, a surround receiver as my old receiver wouldn't handle HD signals. A upgraded DVD player etc. But it was worth it.......At my age the only action back there is on the TV. LOL
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    Why buy a product that the chances of it breaking are pretty high :noidea:
    Buying an extended warranty, you are betting that the product you just bought WILL break within the time frame, meaning you just made a crappy purchase!
    Just buy better quality that chances are it won't break and forget the extra $$ for an extended warranty!
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    make sure you get digital!
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    Lcd Tv

    Short answer from someone who has had several brands of various sizes: Look at the top model Sony LCD sets. They are really hard to beat, provide top notch service, and I've never heard a legitimate gripe 1st hand (maybe a rumor or two). They have great color, brightness, etc. and the only down side is that they are relatively expensive compared to others. You get what you pay for (in this case). I'd even recommend getting a smaller set of higher quality over a larger one that's a bit dodgy. (don't get sucked into one of the budget series because they sacrifice too much).

    Samsung has several models, but my experience with them is that they have nice looking sets...but their power consumption is high and the damned things spend more time in the shop than in my living room. They have decent support...but I refuse to ever buy their products again. Still, they offer good picture and sound (when it works) and they are usually a fair amount cheaper than the Sony.

    If you want to go a bit more budget, Olevia has been a solid performer. It has a nice picture and if you can figure out the million button remote you'll be happy.

    As for ones to avoid (my opinion): Anything you can't pronounce or have never heard of that contains a panel you might have heard of. Some can be good...some are crap...but you spin the wheel when you get one.

    LG has some cool features and nifty "non-tv" additions...but don't do it. I won't say more because it'd sound like flaming....just don't do it.

    All of the other brands (Zenith, magnavox, rca, JVC, etc.) are unknowns to me and were either unavailable locally or didn't make a product that got onto my short list when I was buying.

    Hopefully this has helped. Once you make your decision...STOP LOOKING FOR OTHERS because the tech advances so fast you'll be kicking yourself a month later because your 6ms model is now available in a 3ms version. Just be happy, watch your Blue Ray movies, and kill lots of things on the console game of your choice.:D
  11. I got my tv, I was out window shopping and comparing prices and pictures yesterday. I had narrowed down my choice to sharp, phillips and sony. I went to bestbuy, circuit city and sears. I ended up taking home a 46" 1080p Sharp Aquos LCD tv. Thanks for all the info everyone.
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    Don't forget price matching, most of them do that now, and look VERY closely (and daily) for lower prices... I think Circuit City does price +10% or something like that so you may come out WAY ahead :)