Left handed category!

Discussion in 'Left Handed Archery Classifieds' started by Chris, Mar 22, 2006.

  1. Chris

    Chris Administrator Staff Member

    Well, it was requested that we create a left handed category for the forum. So here it is.

    Post all your left handed goodies for sale here. This includes bows and accessories.

    If there becomes a lot of Left handed items, we will breakdown this group into Left handed bows and Left handed accessories.

    You can also post your WTB or want to buy items here as well.
  2. wildchildc1

    wildchildc1 Guest

    Thank you for the Left Handed Category!! Much Appreciated!

    Thank you for adding a Left Handed Categotry!!! Ive been trying to get EBay to do this on their site for over a year!!! There are many more ads for Right Handed items and it takes alot of waisted time trying to find Left handed items. Thank you 3DSHOOTS.COM!!!!:amen: