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    First let me say ,it's nice to have a place to spend some time reading about archery. I know there is a world of knowledge on here to be had .So let's all try to make this the best archery forum going .Let me start I'm 54 years old .I have ben shooting a bow for the last 40 or so year's . I have ben hunting with a bow for about 35year's ,have taken more than my share of deer ,rabbit's with a bow . I still get the shakes sometime when I see game coming my way . I think that's what make's me keep hunting .I have ben shooting 3d for about 14year's ,I shoot SR open class . .I shoot a conquest 3 for 3d,and a switchback for hunting . Hope this help's getting this forum started .

    BUNNYMAN I pray for you!

    Real name is Adam
    Been shooting for about half the time I have been alive, and if you ask my fiance I am shooting the hole time I am home:rockon:
    Been hunting with a bow since 14
    almost forgot 3ds for as long as I have been shooting a bow about 13-14 years
    Taken to many whitetails to count.
    My biggest as of yet a great 8 point I shot here in NY 20" inside and 7" browtines was kinda nice although I shot it when I was 17 and it kinda spoiled it for me. Thought they would all be that big. :laugh:
    Hope to be shooting till I am no longer here, do you think heaven has an indoor league, or is all of heaven an archery range?:biggrin1:
    shot a couple turkeys and a few squirels, but a bear is what I would really like to get next, and the bigger the better.
    My biggest hunting dream is a record book mule deer w/the bow.
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    Its a good site

    everybody seems helpful, I've shot a bow for about 18 yrs , I gave it up somewhat for about the last 10yrs got married went to college a couple kids, Now I'm trying to catch up on what I've missed. I used to be a fair shot, shooting a lot of 3d's including national tournaments. I never did any good, too young I never had the patients. But I think I'm a better shot now than I was then just because of that factor.

    I've killed a couple P&Y bucks, only had 1 booked, 1st buck didn't qualify because of 65% letoff rule, I've never had it rescored. A couple good bucks with a gun.