LH/RH Archery Accessories: releases/broadheads/rests/etc.

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    ***Lot of archery accessories for sale***caliper releases; nocks; whisker biscuit, etc.

    Okay, for some reason I can't seem to figure out how to edit my thread/post so I just started a new thread. Can anyone tell me how to edit; can't seem to figure it out. Anyway, here it is again. Pics will be up tomorrow. Thanks.

    Okay, all of these are BRAND NEW and never opened, except for the last item listed, which is just lightly used. If you purchased everything separately, it would probably cost around Just a few extras I would like to get rid of. I will sell them all as a lot or separately. If you want more than one thing, I will give you a discount. I would prefer to sell it all, but I doubt that will happen. If you want something that is listed at less than $10, please get something else that will bring it up more than $10, it is just easier on me (shipping and everything). I would also take a decent offer on all of it as a lot. Willing to go a bit cheaper if you just want it all, or several items.* Well, here's what I got:

    I will provide example links so that you know what you are getting, and try to get pictures up tomorrow.

    1. (2) Tru-Fire X-Caliper Caliper releases- adjustable trigger, 360 degree rotation, in camo color. Right or left hand. - $23.50 shipped each.


    (seems to be a lot different than the picture in that link; i think it looks better)

    2. (12) Easton 5/16 nocks (white plastic) - $1.75 shipped

    3. (1) Allen Automatic Peep Sight - $2.50 shipped


    4. (1) Allen Bow Tuning Kit- includes bow square, nocking pliers, and nocking points. - $12.50 shipped


    It is basically that ^ without the allen/hex wrenches.

    5. (1) Carolina Archery Products Right Hand Whisker Biscuit (For use w/ aluminum and insert carbon arrows)- "Quik shot kit for faster reloading; free felt pads for noise reduction" - $29 shipped


    6. (4) Allen Rest Silencers- Four tube silencers for prong rests. - $2.50 shipped

    7. (1) Cobra Prong Arrow Rest, like new, barely used. Right hand. Comes with mounting bolt. It looks like the one in the following link, but has the prong tube silencers on it:
    $10 shipped


    8. Slightly used Tru-Fire Patriot Caliper release, Black.- This release looks brand new out of the package, no wear. $19.50 shipped

    Here is an example (again, I will get pictures up as soon as I can):


    Thanks for looking. I take Paypal only (please add 3%), and ship using USPS Priority for the most part. I will get real pictures up later today or tomorrow at the latest.

    I also can get a lot of Eastman Terminator X2 125 grain broadheads. They come in packs of 3 and I can sell them for $7-8 each with shipping or so. I can also get 3 packs of Eastman Sabre Titanium broadheads (100 grain) and could sell them for around $13-$15 shipped per pack. Heres the specs on the broadheads.
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