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Discussion in 'General Archery Forum' started by Cameron, Sep 22, 2007.

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    Got a chance to shoot a Liberty today for quite a few hours. I thought this this was a very well made bow, with fantastic fit and finish! A truly readical design that would appeal to the hunter. I did find it a bit tough to shoot at first, but after a few arrows, I got the hang of it and really enjoyed shooting it.

    Some details:
    60 lb
    28 draw
    480 grain arrow
    245 FPS!!!! A quick little shooter for sure.

    The bow was exactly as it came from the manufacturer, the shop had not adjusted anything. It had a real hard hand shock to it, but I guess you can tune it out with the cable adjustments.

    Quite wobbly, being there is zero riser to it. But once we put a Posten stabilizer on it, it started to tame the wobble.

    I would encourage trying this bow for more than just a few shots. For those that hunt from a small ground blind, this bow is for you! I am not ready to run out and by one, but I sure will shoot it again!

    Accuracy was very respectable from this 20 inch ATA. I only shot from 20 yards, but did not notice any noticible lack of accuracy.
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    got a link?

    I can't even imagine a 20" a2a. I shot a Ross 331 which has a 31" a2a and it was way to short for my liking.

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    My neighbor had one. 70 pound, short and small. I tried to buy it when he sold it on ebay. He is a good shot. He came to indoors 3 spot 2 times with me. 1st time with his switchback and shot 288. The second time with the Liberty 1. He shot 240 but the bow was dead one sighted in. I told him the trouble was his score went down hill steady. I said the pulling 70 pound back around 45 times would kill anyone. lol
    It shot real good.