Like new 2015 Bowtech Carbon Overdrive RH 60# in Matte Black

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    This is an absolutely immaculate 2015 Carbon Overdrive in Matte Black. Fully equipped to shoot with a 5 pin easy adjustable site, QAD full containment drop away rest, dampeners, stabilizer, 1/8" peep site, wrist sling, 5 arrow quiver, 6 new Easton Helios 340 spine carbon arrows with 100 grain field tips and top of the line Plano hard case included. I have shot only enough arrows through it to site in the 20 yard pin. The bow is absolutely flawless...not a knick, scuff or scratch on it, and has never been in the woods or even shot outdoors. It's set up and professionally tuned with a 29.5" draw length and 60# draw. Everything in the photo is included except the quick release trigger.
    I'm in this whole set up right around $1400, but my daughters tuition is due and I have to sacrifice it for $800 for a quick sale. At that price, I'll include free 2nd day air FedEx shipping to anywhere in the continental US.

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