Lincoln Park Archers (Northern NJ) 2nd 3D shoot for 2016 is this Sunday 7/24.

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    We smashed attendance records for our 1st 3D shoot last month and we're hoping to continue this success this weekend.

    Registration is between 7:00 and 11:00 AM. Cost is $15 Adult, $10 Cub and $5 Future Bow hunter. The two ranges will close at 1:00 PM.

    We've added 7 brand new Rinehart targets to our existing Rinehart's used for previous shoots. These new targets are; Hogzilla, Bedded Stone Sheep, Leopard, Caribuo, Big Black Bear, Hadrosaur (i.e. Dinosaur) and Standing Doe. These new targets can be seen on the timeline of the LPA Facebook page posted on June 11th. We also changed several (7) cores on our other existing 3D targets. These new targets allow us to add more 3D targets to our main practice range.

    Additionally, we will have a 2nd practice range setup for FREE archery instruction, staffed by certified NASP archery instructors.

    Please note: LPA shoots are open to all types of bows (excluding crossbows).

    More information can be found on the LPA website at Home or our Facebook page at

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