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Discussion in 'General Archery Forum' started by Tenderfoot, Aug 29, 2008.

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    I did a little fidling with my set up this afternoon. Got a beman max 4 arrow to shoot. At 10.6 gpi this is a weighty sucker. It gets amazing penetration in comparison to my gold tip hunters. Of course at 20 yards itd rops 5 inches, But it feels better. My bow shoots it quiter and it just feels good. I think I may be noticing less hand shock. I am suprised how easily I can feel a difference and I like it. If you blind folded me and knocked 2 arrows for me to shoot, I'd pick the beman out easily. I also cranked down my release(finaly found the wrench), which makes punching less of a problem. I also bought a new .19 pin for my sight. The pin fits in the slot on my sight, but the screw doesn't! ANybody know where to get a 3/16 pin with a 1/8 screw? The tru glo's don't work. I would buy one from the co that made the sight, but I don't know what co that is (anybody know what came standard with the 05 parker phoenix's?). I also re-weighed by bows poundage and it was getting 50...not 54 as previously. We managed to get it up to 54 at the shop, but it still aint 60 like it should be! I'll probably be getting an elite next year...or maybe a long axled drenalin..or maybe a bowtech...or maybe a concept:laugh: