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Discussion in 'General Archery Forum' started by Carbon 4 Runner, Aug 21, 2008.

  1. Carbon 4 Runner

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    the other day my rest got lose on me for some reason, which i have marked on placement. I got it back on the marks and tighten it down. At 30 yards the shot is to the left about 4inch, as I got closer to the target the arrow got closer to the x. I know my sight has not moved and I'm sure that this would be a windage adj on the rest. My question is do I move the rest to the right, I know the elv is good or at least the same as before but the left/right is off.
  2. Gator eye

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    Sounds like your center shot is off a little bit. move it back to the right just a small tad. A little move on the rest changes arrow impact a lot.

    Do a search on "walk back tuning" and follow the dirctions and you'll be back on target in no time.

    Oh and by the way.........:welcome: :welcome: :welcome: :welcome:

  3. Brown Hornet

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    What Gator need to move it to the right.

    I would skip the WB tuning however.....and go to YOUR max distance that you feel you can still shoot strong groups. Then I would group tune at that distance.

    I do this at 60yds usually...if nobody is at the range that day I do it at 70 or 75 yds (have to shoot from behind the line). But if your groups radiate to the left you need to move your rest to the right, if they go out the right move your rest left.

    What you are doing it looking for the "sweet spot".:peace: