Loaded RH Mathews Drenalin LD with Comp colors CBE Sight bar Scope Carbon Balancers

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    Hi all, I am selling my RH 60 lb Mathews Drenalin LD loaded and ready to go. Comes with many upgrades including-
    New String
    CBE site bar
    CBE scope
    CBE 2x lens
    CBE 3x lens
    Set of super peeps
    Carbon vibracheck balancers 28" and 6"
    Balancer mount
    UV light for scope filament
    CBE quad lite 3rd axis adj (I never used this)

    Less than 20 shots on the new string. The bow is setup for 5'7" shooter. I'm not sure on the draw length, but you will have to have the bow fit to you either way. Bow needs nothing and is ready to shoot as is. Comes with case in picture. I can ship this if you'd like. I will ship scope separately. All work done on this -bow was done at Sure Shot Archery in Belvidere IL. Any more questions feel free to call or text -
    815-761-7217 I rarely answer if I don't recognize the number so please leave a msg. Asking $750
    Thanks Chris

    IMG_20151112_203944458.jpg IMG_20151112_204007325.jpg IMG_20151112_204039146.jpg IMG_20151112_204257313.jpg IMG_20151112_204354516.jpg IMG_20151112_204442218.jpg IMG_20151112_204927066.jpg
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