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    The question came up in another thread about how many of us live close enough to shoot together. There was a group on AT that sent in there 300 found scores for a weekly competition. We could try something like that for the upcoming 3D season. It wouldn't be shooting togrther, but it might be fun. Watta you guys think. I know some of you don;t have a weekly shoot, but we could do it once a month. It would be on the honor system, but I have no doubts about that.
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    Hey where ya been Dale???

    We have a distance league just now starting up. Go to the Tournament forums and click on 3DSHOOTS.com Smack Down League. We are shooting once a week and the first week ends Sunday at midnight. Read the rules and see how to score your targets for it. Just PM Bowman he is setting things up and keeping track of the scores for us. If you have any questions feel free to PM me or Bowman. I hope you join in on the fun buddy. Take care.:peace: