Looking for a 3D range in the Phoenix area

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  1. JoseeG

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    Just recently relocated to the Phoenix area from IL.
    Was a member of Chicago Bowhunters in IL, and loved the 3d range they had there.
    Anyone know of any 3D ranges near Phoenix, or at least within 40 miles of me.
    Need to start pulliing this bow soon...;)

    Thanks in advance.
    Miss Josee
  2. AZHuron

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    Phoenix 3-D

    Welcome to Phoenix. I'm another transplant who found myself in the desert looking for places to shoot.

    First and foremost is Ben Avery Shooting Facility. It's on Carefree Hwy and I-17 at the north end of the valley. There's multiple archery ranges and with field and hunter targets out every day. They also host many 3-d events over the course of the year. October 3, is the next one.

    Usery Mountain Park, in the east valley also has a nice archery set up with field and hunter ranges as well as a permanent 3-d range set up.

    It's $6 to get in the park and a $2 per archer fee to use the range.

    There are also 3-d shoots hosted by various archery clubs that you can find online at either website for Archery Headquarters in Chandler or Corner Archery in Glendale.

    Good luck shooting

  3. scottmilk9

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    I too am a transplant from IL. i live in the east valley and shoot more at Usery pass, but Ben Avery has some terrific shoots also. We do have a big contingent of bow hunters/3d shooters here in AZ.

    I go to archery headquarters for all my gear, but there are several other good shops in the city.

    Good luck to you.