Looking for a lh Bowtech Blackhawk

Discussion in 'Left Handed Archery Classifieds' started by joesplace31, Jan 19, 2008.

  1. joesplace31

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    Looking for a Bowtech Blackhawk Lefty. When they came out I didnt get one for financial reasons. Would love to have one or a bowtech mighty mite left handed bow. I have seen a few on ebay but figured I would try here first. I took my first deer last year and am looking forward to doing so with my dream bow. Thanks.

  2. stylishwalkerdogs

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    bowtech bows

    i seen this, i dont have that bow, but i see no one has answered your post, iim trying to sell my admiral, if you are interested call 573-721-5992. thanks.
    its left handed, 60-73lb draw, draw goes i believe 24-30 inches, not sure on the low number.