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    Im very interested in shooting some indoor tournaments in Central Wi this winter....I have no idea what all this 300 shoot and all the diff rules mean...if someone doesnt mind could you please give me a little guidance?
  2. 300 Shoots

    A "300 shoot" is a target competition shot at 20 yards. You will shoot 60 arrows in 12 groups (ends) of 5. In other words, shoot 5 arrows, score them, retrieve them, and then repeat the whole process over 11 more times. Scoring is 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. So if all your arrows fall within the 5 point range, you will wind up with 300 points. At the very center of the 5 point circle is a smaller circle with an "X" in it. If you hit this, the score is still recorded as a 5, however, you also record it as an "X". The winner between two archers with a tie score is determined by the number of X shots. Ultimately the best score would be a 300 with 60 X's. Consider shooting for money when you get to this point. One final thought....there are 2 types of targets which can be shot in a 300 round called "single spot" and "5 spot". The single spot has 1 target printed on the paper and has concentric rings for the 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. The 5 spot has 5 targets printed on the same size paper but only has the 4 and 5 rings on each target. Both of course have the "X" ring also.
    Why shoot the 5 spot? Because as you develop you will find that you'll only want to shoot 1 arrow at a target to save on Robin Hooding your arrows (saves on $$$).