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    Hello, I have a Golden Eagle Ultra Evolution. It has a 30" draw and set at 66lbs. I just put a Golden Key Containment arrow rest and a Allen Equalizer 4 pin Fiber Optic site. I'm going to be using a peep site and plan on using a release. I am asking for advice on exactly what size arrows to use in this. I want to use it for target as well as deer hunting itself. Also want to find a good release. I would like to hear any recommendations. Thank you. and if you have advice on a different rest or site, I would like to hear that too.
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    I recently switched from alum arrows to Gold tip hunter xt 7595 ( + - .003) All i know is the new arrows shoot soooo much better i'll never switch back to alum. or brands. My friend and i were shooting at his range when he missed the target and shoot right through the sheet metal wall and the arrow came out fine.As for a release try try try. try as many as possible it is different for each person. I like wrist strap releases and finally settled on a Tru fire judge. it is very adjustable and comforable. If you want more of a target release i recomend the Tru Ball chappy boss it is very smooth and super adjustable. Hope some of this helps. Also i'll add that i use a trophy ridge drop away rest and between the new arrows and this rest my groups shrank by 2-4 inchs. Very good rest and very quiet
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    hello, I shoot both carbon and aluminum arrows, and they both shoot great, the main thing to keep in mind is to match you arrow spline to the length of the arrow and the draw weight of your bow, proper tunned arrows will give good results weather they are carbon or aluminum. I personaly prefure the acc easton shafts for hunting, they are tough, very streight, but also at a cost. they will also hold a bend so if you bounce one off a tree or something look it over, as with solid carbons, always look them over if it impacts something hard, bounces off something or gets hit good with anouther arrow, they will get small cracks in them, get dings stuff like that, its alot harder to find this kind of damage on a carbon then a aluminum arrow. I soon will be shooting all carbons, for 3d, hunting and spots, but not do to the fact that carbons shoot better then aluminum. hope this helps!!! Happy shooting either way!!!!!!!