LSBA Pop-Up 3-D Shoot @ BPS, Katy 07/19 & 20

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    Lone Star Bowhunters Association's
    3rd Annual 3-D Archery Challenge and Archey Weekend
    at Bass Pro Shops

    Located at Katy Mills Mall, Katy, Texas

    July 19 and 20, 2008​

    Prizes to the top 3 winners in each of the 7 divisions!

    • Divisions include Advanced, Male Bowhunter, Female Bowhunter, Men’s Traditional, Female Traditional, Teen (13-15) and Pre-Teen (under 13).

    • Entry Fees are: Adult $25 and Teen/Pre-Teen $15; additional attempts~ Adults $20 and Teen/Pre-Teen $10.

    • Practice rounds: $5.00 for 5 arrows

    • Each competitor will shoot 3 rounds of 5 arrows and the best 2 rounds of the 3 will be added together for a total score.

    • For more details including rules please visit

    Qualifying Rounds: Saturday, July 19th at 9:00 a.m.-8:00 p.m.
    FINALS: Sunday, July 20th beginning at 10:00 a.m.

    Lots of great prizes, including Bass Pro Shop gift cards to the top three winners in each division. Last year, we gave out $1,650.00 in gift card prizes alone.

    Visit the canopy in the parking lot where LSBA volunteers will be helping kids test their archery skills and answer questions! No charge to shoot!
    Pass on the heritage...introduce a kid to archery.

    Join the Lone Star Bowhunters Association, the state organization that preserves and promotes bowhunting in Texas.

    Visit with a TPWD Game Warden concerning rules and regulations.

    International Bowhunter Education Program Instructors will be on hand to answer questions concerning safety and ethics of bowhunting.

    If you have any questions, please contact Dena Kana at (409) 739-2630 or
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    Located at Bass Pro Shop at Katy Mills Mall, Katy, Texas

    July 19tht and 20th, 2008​


    Scoring will be based on the animal target rings 12-10-8-5-0.

    Shooters will have 15 arrows and will shoot 5 arrows per round.
    a) A round will consist of five (5) targets totaling a possible 60 points.
    b) A qualifying score will consist of the best (2) separate rounds shot
    sequentially for a total of ten (10) targets totaling a possible 120

    All Qualifying rounds must be shot on Saturday and Finals will be held on Sunday

    There will be 7 Divisions:
    a) Advanced (open to everyone but anyone that is sponsored by an archery company is required to shoot in this division)
    b) Amateur Women’s Bowhunter
    c) Amateur Women’s Traditional
    d) Amateur Men’s Bowhunter
    e) Amateur Men’s Traditional
    f) Teen
    g) Pre-Teen

    A dropped arrow may not be retrieved by anyone.

    Equipment Failure:
    a) If a shooter has equipment failure during a round and stops before completing the round, that round will be re-shot.
    b) If the shooter completes a round and then discovers equipment failure that round’s score will stand.

    Counting the number of 12’s will break all ties. In the case of identical ties, a shoot off round will break those ties.

    After all qualifying scores are complete, the top ten shooters will be placed in a shoot up format. The shoot up format will be as follows:

    10 v 9
    winner v 8
    winner v 7
    winner v 6
    winner v 5
    winner v 4
    winner v 3
    winner v 2
    winner v 1

    No range finding devices allowed in the shooting area.

    Shooter may shoot practice rounds for $5.00 with time permitting.

    Any unsportsmanlike conduct will result in removal from the shoot and forfeiture of all entry fees.