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    Sorry folks, I haven't had time to sound in on the issues.

    I am on the MAC Board for those of you who do not know me. I have been involved with the MAC for the past 3 seasons. I for one am not ready to give up on what I truly feel can be a great LOCAL tournament.

    I for one welcome all input from the shooters! Those of you who know me I think would agree with that. I appreciate the constructive criticism. Believe me when I say this. If you the shooters didn't care you wouldn't waste your time. I know many people here are extremely passionate about archery. It shows! Unfortunately when people are as passionate about something like this, it is easy to feel attacked personally or to attack others on a one to one basis. I do not wish to engage in any of this activity.

    I know the MAC has come a long way from where it had slipped! I will admit that we have a long way to go too! I also know that we can not make everyone happy 100% of the time no matter how hard we try. This year may have been dissappointing for some, and yes we had some very unfortunate happenings. I will be the first to say that I am sorry. At this point we can not turn back the hands of time or wave a magic wand and make it all better. I believe we have made the money purse correct with the shooters (regardless of the fact that the original distribution was 100% in keeping with the way the rules read). I would also like to say that I feel that some are being hyper critical of the shoot this year. Not everyone sets up a course the same way.

    I would ask those of you who at this point feel that they are done with the MAC, to at least attend the year end meeting. I have talked with many of the shooters this year and have gathered many GREAT ideas for changes. I would ask that if you are unable to attend that you would at least email your comments or suggestion directly to me so that I may present them at the meeting. I will also ask that if you can attend the meeting that you come with a constructive mind set. I do not want this to be a dirty laundry party.

    We as shooters, clubs, and board members have an opportunity here to make this a mile-stone in the MAC's history. The year end meeting is the time that rules can be altered for the upcoming season. It is also the meeting that the board members are elected. Please take the time to organize your thoughts and ideas so that everyone will have the opportunity to have their ideas heard.

    Some of the ideas that I have heard or talked to many of you on this year include:
    Peer grouping at the championship shoot.
    Peer grouping the money shooters at all qualifiers.
    Adoption of rules from IBO or ASA to unify equipment, classes, yardages and such.
    Obtaining more clubs to take part in the MAC.
    A better means for shooters to have input on the rules.
    Using a particular brand of targets.
    Changing the Board's role in the MAC.
    Changing who is on the Board.

    I simply present these as a fact that I have been listening and I have been taking notes. I do not necessarily agree with all of them but on the same hand I do agree with some of them. I also know that some of the other board members have been doing the same.

    I personally sit on the board because I was asked to help make the MAC a better tournament. I do not do it for glory or control. I do it because I am as passionate about archery as many of you are. I knew then that we had a long road ahead of us and I know now that we still do. I would ask that you consider the role of a board member for the upcoming year. However, I will warn you upfront that you are not doing it for any pay or glory. Quite the contrary. You will catch the heat when things don't go just quite right or just plain wrong. You have to be ready for that and not react irrational when it happens. The true reason for the board is to have a means other than the host club for the year to express any concerns to. We are to see that the rules are being followed as they are written and help make a smooth transition from one host club to another. We get the task of hearing arguments and interpreting rules, not as individuals but as a board. We get the task of following up on complaints that member clubs are not following the rules and taking whatever action needed. Believe me folks, if you think this is gloriful or prosperous you are sadly mistaking.

    I am discouraged by the personal attacks I am seeing from shooters and board members alike. I will ask that this PLEASE stop.

    Please continue to share your thoughts, GOOD OR BAD with us so that we can continue to improve the MAC.

    PLEASE do what you can to attend the year end meeting and let your voice be heard. Help us bring you the shoot YOU want!

    Thank you for making it to the end of this and for your following of the MAC this year. Feel free to contact me directly with any concerns or questions.

    Steve Phalen
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    Nice to see the MAC is taking the current issues in stride and turning it into something positive. I was reading some messages on another forum and the direct attacks by some involved in the MAC was very surprising and upsetting.

    Thank you for your support and let's make the MAC even better.

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    Just wondering what local tournament In caps means. Is there a restriction on where compettitors can be from to compete. Please clarify this.