Maintance and peep sight questions

Discussion in 'Beginners Archery Range' started by wufpak18, Aug 27, 2005.

  1. wufpak18

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    I was wondering what kind of maintance needs to be when storing your bow in the off season? I use the bow string wax regularly, but I was wondering if there are any more issues I need to be concerned with?

    I am also wondering how to get the peep sight to stay still. When I first put it in, I noticed that it moved up and down after I shot my bow a few times. I wrapped thread around it but it is starting to losen and i don't want it to affect my accuracy. Do ya'll know of any tricks or products that will make it stay?
  2. Pinky

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    Well, I can't advise on the first question. I never put my hunting bow up for any extended period of time. I practice with it during the off season. I do shoot target, and have a different bow for that. But, I shoot my hunting bow at least once a week.

    I may be able to help on the peep issue.

    Tying the knots (serving) above, and below the peep sight is a good idea, in my opinion. I use waxed dental floss to "serve" in the peep sight. So far as performance goes, I have not found a difference in the mint flavored dental floss versus the regular. ;)

    There is no way I can explain how to tie the serving on properly. It is very simple, and, once you learn it you'll be fine. Properly tied, you will be able to slide the serving up, and, down the bow string to allow adjustment of the peep sight. But, the serving will remain in place during shooting.

    You probably need to find an archery pro shop bow technician, or, someone who is up on that stuff to show you. (Altho, they may recommend that you use something other than dental floss. hehe)

    Hope that helps!

  3. bfisher

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    Pretty much what Pinky said. Never store your bow during the off-season. Shoot it year round so you stay proficient and learn to shoot better. Actually I consider hunting season "the off-season". It's when I don't get to shoot as much.
  4. Blackflight

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    What's with the detal floss? I saw someone add it to their bow before, and was just wondering what purpose it served. Please don't hit me. :)
  5. Pinky

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    This is same stuff you floss your teeth with. Some of us use it to "serve"(tie a knot above and below) a peep sight to eliminate the movement of the peep sight.

    We refer to "serving" as an application of any string wrapped around the bow string to either protect it, or, hold something in place. The thread that is wrapped around the string where you nock your arrow is called "serving".

    If you "serve in" your peep sight. What you have done is to wrap, and, tie some type of thread around the bow string to keep the peep sight in place. The same would be if you "served" a kisser button.

    In most instances, a bow string, and cable, are "served" at the ends.This outer wrap protects them from wear.
  6. olman

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    new question from a newb. on my bow I have a peep without the rubber tube but on the genesis I got for my daughter it has the tube,I do know its used for alinement of the peep but what are the pros & cons of them? thanks
  7. Chris

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    There are a few 'cons' to peep tubing.
    1) noisy
    2) the tube can break and smack you in the eye
    3) peeps with tubes are usually larger and slow you bow down.

    The 'pro' is they peep is always straight.

    Generally, you need a quality string, like winners choice, to put in a peep without an aligner and make it straight when you draw it back. Without a good string, the peep will never be in the same place twice. Very frustrating.