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    Martin advertises this bow with an IBO of 335 - 345 FPS. In the last two reviews of the Firecat I read (Petersen's Bowhunting and Arrow Trade) neither came close to reaching the advertised IBO. Is anybody actually getting 335 - 345 FPS? I'd ask this over on AT but I would rather not read a bunch of nonsense from the fanboy blowies and you all know who they are and what they would say.

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    from what I have read over on AT, people get better results when the cams are super duper tuned correctly but it is not that easy to achieve. Crackers can do it from what I have read.
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    Corect you can and will get the speed from the bow...just like any other bow when the cams are in the correct position.

    It isn't that hard to just need to twist the strings to get the correct cam rotation. Most people are afraid to attempt it for some they are going to break the bow from twisting the strings :D
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    I just may be one of those "blowies" you are referring to. Of the four companies I've shot for the last 15 years Martin has come the closest to getting decent speeds considering my short draw length.

    I've got a FireCat coming, and don't expect to get the advertised IBO speeds. But then I can't draw 70#, nor do I intend to try. And I can't roll over a 30" bow either.

    Mine is ordered at 26" and 50# and if the performance I got from my 2004 Slayer is any indication I expect speeds of nearly 290 fps at my specs and an IBO weight (267 gr) arrow. Figure this. My 2007 Pantera/nitrous X is getting 287 fps with that arrow and 27" at 53#, with factory strings. Shooting ASA I don't see any reason to push for more. My Slayer was doing 299 fps at same specs when I sold it.

    Guess I'll just have to wait and see.
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    Firecat speeds

    I purchased a new Martin Firecat and so far really enjoy it. I was shooting a 427 grain arrow at just over 300 FPS. I shot all of the other bows I found in two shops and only the Bowtech 82nd came close. All of the bows were 30 inch draw at 70 lbs. with the same arrow. The Firecat felt the best to me when I shot as well as being the fastest. I believe that there is something to the issue of having been tuned up. I think a 350 grain arrow would have been quite a bit faster, but I don't know about reaching the advertised speed.