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Discussion in 'General Archery Forum' started by longcut36, Feb 26, 2008.

  1. longcut36

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    I have two martin cougar bows. one has the fury X cams the other has nitous X cams. I have been thinking about changing one to a regular cable bow. what I need to know is will I have to get new cams and modules or just modules. if holy smokes says the single cable is more accurate, thats good enough for me. thanks for any info.
  2. Holy Smokes

    Holy Smokes Senior Member

    I am speculating
    if you go to tha old wire cable bow probaly will need cams because the cam confiuartion for the cables is not alike
    I have a pair of z cams 28 or 29 either
    If you do change over what nitrous cam A Bor C do you have
    if it is a b cam would you like to sell it or swap I also have 3 pairs of limbs 60 70 80lb
    &yoke systems for these bow
    make you a real deal on tha lot
    if you are just gonna change tha string cables no you won't
    you might have to change tha axels
    or just leave tha spacer on it

  3. jcmorgan31

    jcmorgan31 Prodigal Son

    I would looooooove to hear the reasoning behind a cable guard bow being more accurate than a shoot through.......:biggrin1:
  4. bfisher

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    Me too, because the facts prove otherwise.
  5. J.C.

    J.C. New Member

    any bow that's repeatable can be as accurate as any other. it mainly depends on the shooter.
  6. jcmorgan31

    jcmorgan31 Prodigal Son

    I believe that out of a hooter shooter, both systems are probably equal.

    However, when you throw in a shooter, things change. In my opinion, if you have outstanding form and a flawless shot sequence, then you won't notice a difference.

    If you are like me and do not have perfect form consistency, then the shoot through is more forgiving.

    Cable guards twist the riser and create cam lean. In the hands of a professional with perfect shot execution, this is a non factor for the most part. But when you factor in inconsistent grip, inconsistent bow lean, inconsistent pull into the wall and all the other faults of a novice, a shoot through does nothing but help.

    The shoot through eliminates several variables that do affect accuracy for most of us with crappy form....:thumb:
  7. Gator eye

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    I wouldn't throw the shoot through out yet.

    Give it a try.

    If you got real good repeatable form and releaseb than the shoot though won't help, but if your like us mear mortals and have less than perfect form it helps.

    Besides just ease and speed of set up and tuning is priceless.:peace:
  8. Brown Hornet

    Brown Hornet New Member

    You only need shorter mod screws if you change the Nitrous camed bow over to a cbale guard.

    As for one being more accurate.....if you stick a X cam bow in a Hooter shooter and the same bow setup with a cable gaurd in a Hooter shooter neither will out shoot the other.....

    However if you throw in the human factor one will be more accurate....and it isn't ALWAYS the X cam bow. I hated it other then for tuning purposes....I was uncomfortable and was have problems with consisitancy like never put the cable gaurd back in and everything was back to nromal.... I know tons of people that feel the same is not a cure IMHO for torquing the bow. Fixing your grip is.:wink:

    But there is a reason the the majority of Martins staff shooters DON'T shoot the X cams......there where a bunch of Martin shooters that won or placed in the top in MAJOR Indoor shoots, field shoots etc the past two years....I know of only one or two people that shot X system. There isn't ONE PRO Staff shooter that has a bow WITHOUT a cbale gaurd if I am remembering correctly.